CT Option not giving my money back


I started my account with $500 US dollars on 8/29/16. I received a phone call from Benjamin Vice, he requested me to invest $6000 but I wouldn't do it. I ended investing an additional $1500 dollars. In total, I invested $2000. After about two weeks I was up over $5000. I tried to withdraw $4500 and had no luck, then I tried to withdraw many times with no luck. I tried to reach out many times to Benjamin to help me get my money back without any help. I also tried to reach out to CT Options on emails and via chat without success. After weeks of trying to reach out to them, I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. They initially gave me back the $2,000 but CT Options sent documentation showing that I accepted a bonus from them. I never accepted the bonus. All I want is the initial $2,000 back that I invested. Please help me with any ideas.
Just tell them they are lying and this is a standard practice in Israel to steal customers funds. You can cite many articles about this. You are unknowingly a victim of a scam broker from Israel.


Also tell them they should be 100% aware of the fraud of these companies by now and you want to speak to a manager/higher up to resolve this. They should not be giving you any trouble.


This is one of the scam Israeli companies that should be shut down who are soliciting U.S. citizens and 100% unregulated. Maybe the CFTC and ISA need to raid this firm next. Try contact the Israel Securities Authority directly.
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If you deposited by credit card, contact your issuing bank immediately (do NOT delay, there are deadlines). Explain to the fraud or disputes department that your access to withdrawals is being fraudulently blocked. Ask about a chargeback.
I did request a credit back from my credit card company. They did it but then CT Options sent them documentation showing that I did sign up so they can't count it as fraud. My credit card company told me I need to deal with CT Options to get my money back because they couldn't help me. I tried to reach out to CT options yesterday and this is what they told me.


As we mentioned before, your account is now out of our hands, since you've issued a dispute. Please check with your credit card company or your bank

CTOption Support


Phone number: +44203-519-2322

You should explain to them that they are lying and using this as an excuse to steal your funds and then cite the many articles of the times of israel on how these Israeli based brokers work to steal clients money. I would not accept a NO in this case and you should work to escalate the issue to a higher up in the credit card company. I would even threaten to not pay the credit card company if it was me and tell them they are supporting this scam and you will take them to court if needed to resolve this. Then I would open a credit card with another bank and simply not pay these guys a cent till the resolve the fraudulent issue correctly.
Escalate within the credit card company. Explain to a supervisor that you are not claiming an unauthorized charge. You are claiming services not provided as promised.
Escalate within the credit card company. Explain to a supervisor that you are not claiming an unauthorized charge. You are claiming services not provided as promised.
I have, they are telling me that they can't do anything beacuse I can't show them the services havent been provided.
I also have trouble with CT Options. I do not get any money back.

Does anyone have the address of the Israel Securities Authority directly?