CT Option Rip Off


I thank you FPA that you can at least help me to get my money back from this online broker whom I signed up known as CT Option. I was interested in the quantum code trading app as it promised high profits. So when I signed up for the Quantum code app, I was recommended to join CT Option as my broker and deposit $250 as a requirement to start trading. After that I received emails confirming and was given an account manager by the name of Elle Woods. I decided to deposit $250 on February 28th 2017. In my quantum code account it generated about $7000+. But it ignored my withdrawal asking me to send CT Option my compliance documents and get verified before I can continue using the quantum app. I sent them immediately but they never responded back for a week. MY quantum code account has been put on hold to this day asking for ct option verification. I kept emailing ct option. While waiting I traded to about $400 in CT Option. This made me continue to trade the next day thinking I could earn more. But then somehow my trade were starting to be manipulated and the amount kept going down until it came to $154. I was disappointed and emailed for a bonus which Elle never responded for two days. On the third day CT Option support team emailed me advising that I was given a new account manager, Sarah Mayar. Sarah called me asking me to deposit another $500. She asked me in a way that was not polite, telling me to hurry, and demanding for my visa card number, expiration date, and the security number. And also the 3D authenticity code. Luckily I did not reveal the security numbers. I told her I would get back to her later and was only interested to use the Quantum Code app and asked her to activate it so I could withdraw the $7000. She kept calling me for the visa card info until I emailed her and said I already deposited $250 on 28th February 2017 which I thought was $154 when I logged out. But then when I logged in which was now a day after, the amount went down to $120. I kept emailing Sarah for the quantum code but she said to contact the quantum code team. I did but no one ever responded. I even took pictures of the account status and emailed but no reply now nearly a month. I logged in to my quantum code account and was surprised I had $0.00 because no verification and compliance. I now knew that this must be a scam. I emailed CT option team and they said they could not do anything but referred me to my account manager again Sarah Mayar. She never replied until I said I would seek legal advice and take legal action. Now she promised me that she would activate the quantum code app for me. After two days the CT Option Team and Sarah Mayar sent me an email telling me that my quantum code was activated and compliance documents were verified so my account was OK now. But when i logged in to my quantum code account, it was still in pending state asking for compliance and account verification. I demanded Sarah Mayar to explain. She kept telling the same thing of activation been done already. A week later of waiting, I decided to try out the ct option binary bug auto trading feature, thinking that, that was the quantum code. I read that ct option did offer a automatic bonus on new users so I emailed for a bonus. They sent me the bonus only after demanding. I decided to make up to a good amount + recover my costs and then withdraw and never use ct option again. I used the binary bug and put it on auto. The bug traded until it reached $700+. I was relieved. So i let it continue thinking it would continue to profit up my balance as it was a trading bot. But then I saw my trade deplete very quickly to $300. I stopped the robot. And logged out that night. In the morning I logged in and found balance to be $0.82. I did not even trade, i stopped the robot before logging out, and my quantum code app was not even activated. So how my amount went from $300 to $0.00 i had no idea. I emailed ct option and Sarah about the matter but they would reply after a day for each email saying they activated the quantum app at my request and it traded for me and I had full control of my account. If the quantum code app was active, then why can't I log in and use it? It is still on pending. And also I stopped the binary bug from my trade but they said it kept trading. I can forward all of these confidential email to you if requested as evidence. Please help me get my money and profits back from CT Option and Quantum Code app. Please!


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