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Discuss CTOption.com

General discussions of a financial company
CTOption.com Really rocks. I am happy with them and following their replicators but my reviews not publishing here.

Spam Cat would like to remind you that each of your review submissions ended with a note letting you know that it can take from 3-5 business days for reviews to be approved.

In your case, you submitted 3 reviews under 3 names and claimed to be in 2 different countries. Because of this, your fake reviews will not be approved.

Spam Cat will now eat you.

Nom nom nom.

Ctoption is not a good binary broker to do business
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My account has been manipulated with their auto-trader, and my approved withdrawal is still with them for a month now!!!! Rude people, manipulated extra trades. First they tell you why are you not happy that their million dollar auto-trader, and the when you try to withdraw it they generate losing trades for you! Nice guys!

1st picture: somehow I could make two winning trades in 3 seconds difference on two different assets.... magic( nice ctoption own auto-trader- I did not ask for it)

2nd pic Still waiting for my approved withdrawal.

3rd pic Two withdrawal requests before they amended( So they made losing trades not to approve that much money)


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I opened a trading account with CT Options last year. My trades went well, as promised and my account balance climbed as I developed a trusting relationship with my broker who was always friendly and available to talk to m. Two months ago, when I made a request to withdraw some of my funds for a personal need, I started to have big problems. All of a sudden it was very difficult to get in touch and the good customer service I had experienced before was suddenly gone. My requests were not approved and I was given a multitude of excuses for this which didn't really make sense. I realized that I was not going to get my money out of these people because it was always their intention to steal it. I feel so foolish for being scammed and I lost a lot of money. I am currently joining a class act law suit against this company as well as two other binary companies that I invested with. If there are more people who want to join this, it will strengthen our case. If you are interested, please send an email to LetMeStealYourMoney@RipYouOffAgain.com and the organization that is guiding me will assist you. Let's make these guys pay for their ruthless scamming!

I am a liar and a scammer. In another post, I tried to promote the same recovery room scam, but said they helped me get money back from Skyline Markets and Arbi-trade.