Yes CToption are BIG SCAM, be careful of this binary options broker, it is a

THIEF, You will not get your money from them, the money you deposit are no more yours.

I opened an account with CTOption with 250$ at the beginning I was trading alone, wining sometimes , loosing others, a person from Bahrain from CTOption called me, his name is Alaa Karam he told that he is my account Manager and told ma that we can work together and make profits,i DID NOT TAKE bONUS, I agreed and I gave him the password of my account, so he made some trades, won some money...then he called me again and told me that my account is very small and CTOptin is a big company and it is not Begging and will not work with such small accounts, so he suggested that I add at least another 250$...so I did, I added 250 more...after one day, he called me again and told me that my account is at risk because it is small...and asked me to add more money... I didn't I told him that I don't have more.. and if it is dangerouse , we can stop working..that s simple. but I found that he put all my money in one trade...

Lucky we won that trade and I have 970 $ in my account, I wanted to withdraw 350 $ , I tried to call him via phone, email..live chat and every possible way but no respond from Alaa Karam, my withdrawal was rejected, I placed another request, it was rejected again and again and again,I changed my accounts password, the last time I requested to withdraw 970 $, for two days it was Pending request, on the last day I opened my account... I found that it was 42 $ !!!...he linked it with a replicator and made it loose all the funds while there still a pending request for withdrawal of 970, yes Alaa Karam stolen my money, and CTOption are thieves, Fraud..don't trade with them. he wasn't trading for sure..AND BY THE WAY i HAVE TWO ACCOUNTS WITH THEM...BOTH SCAMMED faresoptions@yahoo.com and alnusair@yahoo.com
Invite them to respond to this thread as well.

Most of the binary option companies are working this way, money only in, no out.
I did not take a bonus, i deposited by CashU....FROM Jordan

I checked their website, they are working through a 3rd party (AlgoCharge/AllCharge) which offers a CashU payments. Contact both CashU and AlsoCharge/Allcharge for a chargeback
I wonder, whey you have deposited money again and again?? May be your account manager misguided You. and, if I were in your position, I wouldn't invest money again, before I make a withdrawal. Now, you have to understand one thing that, if you let a person to trade your account, when he trade you make SMILE, but when he lose, you've to accept that too... I have been trading with CToption for a while, and I didn't let my account manager 'George' to trade on my account. So, as I am doing manual trading , making small but consistent profits. So, I don't blame a broker at all.
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to there website and invite them to here via Live Chat.
I'm confused, how can that be possible? Binary business is serious type of risky business, and we all know that, still how do you handover your account to a manager?

You know what I believe is? I believe, Funds are mine, so I have to trade myself. and, if You can't trade alone, you even shouldn't came here .. I have an account with CToption too, but I didn't face this kinda problem. because, I handle my own account and I refused my manager. Moreover, not only in CToption, whatever broker I choose, I perfectly follow their rules,,, So, I haven't had any prblem withdrawing my profits from ctoption

however, I think you need to contact customer support with proper screenshots and let them show this thread ...
You know what, one of their managers also tried their tricky marketing on me, however, I still trade alone with my own strategy... so, I haven't face those problem with Ctoption and things are okay to me