CToption is a fraud. I have an executive account with them which I opened 8 months ago. After almost 500K in trades with them they changed my account. According to George West they moved it to a different server. It now takes 2 to 3 seconds to process trades and I always get the worst possible price on any trade. To make this clear let me give you an example. I take a call position on EUR?USD. At the time I take the position the price is at 1.09150. During the 2 to 3 second delay it jumps to 1.09160 and then drops to 1.09140, I get 1.09160. This happens every time on every single trade. In a moving market this can give them a 20 or 30 pip range in which the trader can't win. Price manipulation is fraud and should not be tolerated. Stay away from CToption they are a fraud.
They will not allow me to withdraw any money because I took a deposit bonus which I have not completed yet. When I reached about $425,000. in trades placed they changed the way the account works. I have another 50K in trades to make before I can withdraw. I have sent them many emails questioning them and all they tell me is the account works fine. Here is a picture of a trade. If you look at the first picture, I should have won this trade but if you look at the timed picture the trade tied. These guys are manipulating entry prices, cheating on trades they lose and then refusing to fix it. Any suggestions you can provide would be great.


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I have the same experience. I realise they manipulate prices and when i question my Account Manger, Andy Jones, he will say no wrong with the system. I wanted to withdraw my money and they will place long term trades (1 month to 3 months) without my knowledge so that i cannot withdraw my money.

I am now requesting my money via withdrawal. They just rejected my withdrawal. Is there a means to file a police report or file a legal suit or complaint against them? They are a fraudulent company
I am in the United States

File complaints with CFTC.gov, IC3.gov, and SEC.gov

If any of the deposits were by bank card, call the bank's fraud department NOW. Don't delay, you may have already missed the deadlines. Explain exactly what happened and ask about a chargeback for fraudulent behavior.