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Discuss cTrader.com (by Spotware.com)

General discussions of a financial company
What happens when the brokers are B book brokers that offer C-Trader?

I would rather use MT4 on an A-Book model broker only. Then you have no worry about anything being manipulated. Irregularities are there because B-book brokers exist, not because of the platform and many brokers are B-book because they know 90% of people will blow their accounts and since they directly profit from your loss, it makes good business sense to be a B-model.

So the fault lies in the brokerages being B-book, and the fact they are allowed to be that, NOT the MT4 platform. The MT4 platform did not tell the broker to not be transparent. The MT4 platform simply allowed for this to expose those that are fraudulent in character. That is why you should stick to A book brokers only, then the platform doesn't make a difference.
The issue of B-Booking brokers is that they do not send positions to the market. They have a liquidity bridge to supply quotes in real-time conditions but the trading happens inside the company only. In other words, such brokers make the market to their clients by comparing buy- and sell-positions for the same instrument. That’s a dangerous practice as at some point the B-booking broker might get stuck with one side of the market and go broke. This is why some of the brokers use a combination of both A- and B-booking, sending only a portion of their clients’ positions to the liquidity provider.
As far as I understand, cTrader does not have such an option at all, so brokers cannot manipulate with traders’ money, while all of the positions are sent to the liquidity provider directly. Correct me if I’m wrong. At least, cTrader does not offer the dealing desk mode of trading for brokers.
It’s very individual how to select a broker for trading as there are so many factors around it. But when it comes to choosing the trading platform, I would rather stick to cTrader because it’s much more modern in terms of simplifying the process of a manual individual trader. THe platform is structured to help traders analyse the market and make trading decisions without leaving the platform.
metaquotes does not care whether you’re a- or b-booking broker
they require a license only
no matter where
they give you the package of software and that’s it
if mt4 could have satisfied all of the traders around the world, ctrader would, not appear at all
and mt4 is a very old technology compared to ctrader
if you develop algo strategies, ctrader is better as it uses c# language, it’s much easier to code
A normal broker would not have an issue with offering different platforms. But still cTrader is only an alternative, although much better. I’m a manual trader, I do not use algos. And what I see in cTrader makes me ask how come I use MT4 for so long?
You can take only a feature of smart stop-losses, as well as adjustable trailing stops. Both are better to minimize losses and maximize profits.
The news and analysis, trading signals and market depth connected to a symbol is much more informative in cTrader, while it does not even exist in MT4. At least it’s hard to find.
ctrader was developed by developers ahah
seriously, it’s easier even to backtest a trading strategy
and faster
i used to work on one but the results were inacceptable so i wasted my time for testing it
you can always adjust your algorithm in ctrader right away
I used to study in MT4, then I traded on MT4 for a while. After I checked the cTrader, I can say that platform matters. I do not have a lot of experience in trading so far, and I do not trust algorithms at this point as I have to understand the market mechanisms before using bots. So use an approach of learning by doing, trying to figure out the reasons why a currency strengthens versus others.
I have found an interesting feature in cTrader. It allows grouping the news and market analysis by assets, so I can check out what’s happening with GBP/USD for example. Besides, trading from charts and controlling positions is much easier in cTrader.
Not sure about the executions though. I haven't had any issues so far.
cTrader provides a direct bridge to liquidity providers, that is why executions are fast if your connection speed allows that.
It also depends on the broker, of course
The thing is that mt4 brokers might pretend that they execute your orders, while ctrader brokers can’t do that
Besides, ctrader has an option of synchronous trading to open many orders simultaneously when the market moves fast.
I can see a function of trading in one click in cTrader. Several brokers point out this option as a unique advantage. Correct me if I’m wrong, but MT4 also has it..