cTrader Community Team Releases Pattern Drawing Indicator


cTrader.com Representative
cTrader Community Team announces the first release of our Pattern Drawing Indicator! The Pattern Drawing Indicator is an indicator that allows traders to easily draw the following patterns on the chart:

  • Cypher Pattern
  • ABCD Pattern
  • Triangle Pattern
  • Three Drives Pattern
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Elliot Impulse Wave (12345)
  • Elliot Triangle Wave (ABDCE)
  • Elliot Triple Combo Wave (WXYXZ)
  • Elliot Correction Wave (ABC)
  • Elliot Double Combo Wave (WXY)
  • Cyclic Lines

The indicator is open source and its main purpose is to demonstrate the capabilities of cTrader Automate and Chart Controls as well as provide traders with tools for visualizing these popular patterns on the chart.

Have you tried the Pattern Drawing Indicator yet?