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How to use it with GBP/CHF as an exemple, GBP is green at 0.33 and CHF is red at 0.57. So according to this, where is that pair going ?
Green means the currency is gaining value, red means it is losing value - for the timeframe you selected. Felix's pick for shorting the GBPCHF was based on long timeframes, not just the last day or last week.

There have been some other questions that keep showing up in email.

1. Where do I download the software?

It is web based and has a data feed to update it. It is available for free on our site and you can place a copy on your own website. There is no need to download it.

2. What does container size mean?

That means that you clicked on the Add This To Your Site button. Hit your Back button if you want to see the calculator. Or, you can play with the sizes and see what you get. If you like it, then you can paste the generated code into your own website and display the calendar there.

3. How do I use it to trade?

That depends on your trading style. You can look at relative strengths for the last few days to make a shorter term trade. You can look at them for longer time frame to use for longer term trades.

4. Can I get it to graph changes in stength over time?

Not yet.
Re Forex calculator

Early this morning June 23 - 04.00 GMT I used the Calculator and selected "This Week" The data was relatively low in percentages but rather more consistant with today's trading trends. Later on I refreshed and "This Week" disappeared from the drop down selection!!

Why? Can't we have this week's data?

Anyway I thank you for this latest help together with all the thanks and appreciation I have for Felix and Company. You have really developed the greatest website and helped everyone understand the Forex market.

It looks like there may be a bug with the data feed. I'll let the programming team know.
Strength Calculator

May be good to know the strenth of the currency of last week, month or year, to have a better global understanding of the currencies that we plan to trade and be more informed so we can make betters dessicions in our trades, Do you think is possible to get the actual Strength of the currencies?
If i want to trade base on Time Frame D1, what should i do? please describe as an example, thanks
Forex Calculator

Nice work on the calculator BUT there seems to be a disconnect on the realtive strength from month to month and even week to week. I do not see that there is any persistance in the rankings as there is in other assets like stocks, commodities and ETFs, Am I missing something??
Calculator looks great,BUT, there seems to be NO persistance as to performance from week to week or month to month as true relative strength would suggest. Am I missing something??