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Discussion in 'Forex Forums' started by Administrator, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Research firm looking to speak to Currensee users

    Have you linked your money to the decisions of another investor using Currensee?

    If so, international design and innovation consultancy IDEO IDEO | A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm would like to speak with you. IDEO is conducting a project about online/socially networked investing. We're looking to conduct 60-90 minute PAID interviews with people who:

    -Have been a member of Currensee for at least 3 months.
    -Have linked their accounts to the trades of another member/leader
    OR Have had their accounts "tracked" by another member.

    We'll be asking questions about:

    - Your initial decision to use the service
    - Your investing experience at Currensee
    - Comparisons to other online investing tools

    The interviews will be conducted via Skype (or equivalent) and, with permission, recorded. Recordings will NOT be used outside of this research project without your permission.

    If you are interested, please send an email to IDEOInvestResearch@gmail.com with

    -Email/telephone contacts
    -A link to your profile on Currensee
    -A short summary of your overall experience in investing/personal money management
    -A brief description of your activity with Currensee
    -Availability (including timezone) in the next 2 weeks

    Many thanks,

    James Moed, IDEO
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