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Discuss currensys.com

General discussions of a financial company
Currensys Back Test

I have completed back testing the Currensys Systen using just the $EURUSD 15 minute chart from Sept 20th - Dec 24th, 2009. The equity curve is shown below. The "Take 40 Pips" line is always selling half of the position when 40 pips is reached. A total of 261 trades were taken. Further analysis is planned.

I back tested manually using my best guess of the exit.

The equity curve starts with $1000, risking a max of 3% on each trade. Max Pip risk is based on 3 ATR = 3 % of equity.

Where's Phil?

Hi, everyone!

I am trying to contact Phil about his sysem on the given e-mail at his website "phil@currensys.com", but he's not responding. I have e-mailed him twice this week and would like to get more info about his software. Has something happened to him?

Phil, if you're reading this, please respond! Thanks!


Phil at Currensys is a very selfish fellow. Do not expect good customer service from him. He is extremely self-absorbed and most likely will not get back to you. Consider carefully and do not part with your money without due diligence. He is not to be trusted!
Contact currensys review members

I was reading the reviews for this system and wanted to contact a couple of the reviewers regarding their experiences. I thought I could click on their names and it would link me to their profiles so that I could send them a message but this is not the case.

Is there any way that I can get the user names of the reviewers so that I can ask my questions.
Currensys Reviews

I only came across Currensys last week and have been impressed with the video presentation and the reviews. However the reviews began in 2006 and I would appreciate a few more from recent purchasers so I am au fait with the present situation before purchasing. Thanks in advance.