Current Sentiment 11th of December

Jarratt Davis

Special Consultant to the FPA
Today's London calendar is light with no tier 1 data on tap. The focus for the day will be on US data during the NY session with Retail Sales, PPI, and Consumer Sentiment. More on these events can be found here. Read through my analysis of current sentiment to familiarize with the latest market changes.

Current Sentiment:

Just prior to yesterday's NY open, the BOE kept rates on hold as was expected, there was no change to the bank rate votes, and QE remained steady at Stg 375 b. The minutes leaned to the dovish side showing that other than ultra hawk Ian McCafferty, there is no support for early tightening with the economic scenario at home and globally. Market expectations for an increase in Bank Rate have continued to be pushed further out in recent weeks as inflation hovers around zero, and wages growth slipped from already historically low levels.

Also during the NY session, US Weekly Jobless Claims disappointed coming in at at 282K vs the consensus 266K. This could be pointing to some softening in what has been a solid labor market, but it is far too early to pass any judgements, and this will certainly not have an impact on the Fed.

There were no significant events during the Asian session.

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