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I am D-Trader. Small introduction: I am an computer Engineer. Master Degree in Computer Science. Winner of the Diploma of the Student sience conference in information and technology. ( This small intro is inly for demonstration that I am able to develop EA).

I was always against the EAs as I thought why I should let the programm to trade for me as We can better. Later I thought on it and discussed with myself.

Trader can close the trade early vs EA
Trader can enter later vs EA

There are many such other factors between Trader and EA which lead me todevelop EA and I developed it. Today was the first day as I run EA on Demo account and about 15:00 GMT my demo account was +8%, later +2.8% , then I close my EA. I want to run this EA till end of july to expeience my EA and want to share my daily results with you all here in forum and want your opinions. If today is +2.8% that not mean every day will be. "Every day is not sunday".

First I thought to highlight my daily results by creating a webpage (Free, there are many webs offering free page, as I need only one page to write daily results). Or I can put my daily results in this thread. I only want to demonstrate my EA LIVE without practicing before.

If my EA give me negative %age on the end of july then I will make a new one. If I will get positive %age then I will make it better then Version 1.0 and of course I can make lot of money (joke).
So friends please let me know your suggestions from the daily results.

THIS IS A SCALPER EXPERT ADVISOR. make a lot of trades in one day.


Total Trades: 54
Profit Trades: 15
Loss Trades: 39

Profit: +2.8%

12.07.2011 (Closed @ 14:00 GMT)

Total Trades: 48
Profit Trades: 13
Loss Trades: 35

Profit: +9.48%


Loss: -2.46% (I change the strategie which leeds to ca -10% and back to old strategy which cover it to -2.46%)

13.07.2011 (Develop further for minimizing losses)

I will try to reduce the losses. (Time to time I am changing the strategies to get the point.)

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