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Daily Forex Market by FXCC 11Jan2012

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by alayoua, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Daily Forex Market by FXCC 11Jan2012
    The dollar and yen fell versus most of their major peers

    The franc was little changed at 1.2128 per euro after earlier gaining to 1.2107, the strongest since Sept. 20.The dollar fell 0.1 percent to $1.2778 per euro at 5 p.m. in New York after weakening 0.4 percent yesterday. It depreciated earlier today to $1.2818, the least since Jan. 5. The yen declined 0.1 percent to 98.19 per euro. The dollar was unchanged at 76.85 yen. The GBP/USD rally from its recent lows continued on Tuesday, reaching the 1.5500 price area from the earlier session low of 1.5445, ending trade in New York 0.17% higher at 1.5482.

    New Zealand’s currency, nicknamed the kiwi, rose 0.9 percent to 79.44 U.S. cents, and Australia’s dollar advanced 0.7 percent to $1.0314. The Canadian dollar has appreciated more than 1% this week, Tuesday saw USD/CAD fall to a 3-day low of 1.0152 from the earlier high of 1.0238.
    2012-01-11 05:00 GMT |Japan - Leading Economic Index (Nov) Preliminar
    2012-01-11 08:00 GMT | Germany - Real GDP Growth
    2012-01-11 08:00 GMT | EU - Gross Domestic Product s.a. (QoQ) (Q3
    2012-01-11 09:00 GMT | EU - Gross Domestic Product s.a. (YoY) (Q3)

    2012-01-11 05:05 GMT | Japan Leading Economic Index rises to 92.9 in Nov
    2012-01-11 02:12 GMT | China should use $2 trill FX reserves for overseas investment
    2012-01-11 01:15 GMT | The Greenback roars ahead through an active Asian session
    2012-01-11 00:01 GMT | United Kingdom Dec BRC Shop Price Index (MoM) 1.7%

    EURUSD 1.27540 / 1.27547
    High: 1.27789 | Low: 1.26287 | Chg: -0.0024 -0.19%
    MA10: Bearish
    MA20: Bearish
    STOCHASTIC: Neutral


    Resistance Levels: 1.3021 | 1.2969 | 1.2897 | 1.2818
    Support Levels: 1.2719 | 1.2666 | 1.2597 | 1.2561

    Intraday Analysis: EURUSD found a strong technical support at 1.26666 (S2) and in yesterday’s session it moved upwards and reached a top at 1.2818 (R1). Following that we saw a decline towards Tuesday’s support level at 1.2719 (S1). A break below that level we can expect the price to retest 1.2666 (S2), and with further decline we will be targeting 1.2597 (S3). On the upside, if price manages to break above our first resistance level 1.2818 (R1) price will most probably approach 1.2897 (R2). In the daily chart the pair is in a downtrend mode with the price moving closer to the downtrend trend line. Our recommendation for today’s session is no position as we can wait either for a reaction upwards and retest of the downtrend trend line or for a move downwards and continuation of the downtrend trend.

    GBPUSD 1.54612 / 1.54618
    High: 1.54904 | Low: 1.54472 | Chg: -0.0023 -0.15%
    MA10: Bearish
    MA20: Bearish
    STOCHASTIC: Neutral


    Resistance Levels: 1.5630 | 1.5579 | 1.5525 | 1.5497
    Support Levels: 1.5422 | 1.5395 | 1.5364 | 1.5312

    Intraday Analysis: The GBPUSD formed a top yesterday at 1.5497 (R1) and now it seems that it is moving upwards to retest the same resistance level. A break above that level will confirm our long positions targeting 1.5579 (R3). A stop loss should be placed below 1.5447. On the downside if price manages to stay below 1.5525 (R2) we will focus for a retest downwards towards our support level 1.5364 (S3) a strong technical and psychological level for the bulls.

    USDJPY 76.906/ 76.909
    High: 76.941 | Low: 76.812 | Chg: 0.068 0.09%
    SUMMARY: Neutral
    INTRADAY TREND: Sideways
    MA10: Bullish
    MA20: Bullish
    STOCHASTIC: Neutral


    Resistance Levels: 78.03 | 77.56 | 77.33 | 77.00
    Support Levels: 76.76 | 76.60 | 76.04 | 75.08

    Intraday Analysis: USDJPY is moving in a trading range between the levels 76.76 (S1) and 77.00 (R1). Now the price is retesting our resistance level and a break above 77.00 we expect the price to rise more towards 77.33 (R2). On the other hand, if price bounce from 77.00 (R1) we expect the price to move further downwards towards 76.60 (S2) a strong technical support level. Deeper decline will then retest 76.04 (S3). Look for a long or short position above or below either level.

    Source: FX Central Clearing Ltd, (ECN Forex Trading | ECN Forex Broker | Forex Trading Accounts | FXCC)
    URL: https://support.fxcc.com/email/technical/11012012

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