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dailyforextradingedge.com - daily market analysis

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by forextofx, Jun 3, 2011.

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    On Daily Forex Trading Edge are Raghee Horner’s daily commentary and market analysis. Within this site, you’ll have access to complimentary analysis from the pro herself, some of which you’ve come to know well through Interbank FX’s Daily Trading Edge.

    Raghee Horner, chief currency analyst for Interbank FX, provides her personal daily trading tips and insights through Dailyforextradingedge.com. An experienced trader with over fifteen years in the markets, Raghee is the co-founder of EZ2Trade Software and has taught her brand of technical analysis and charting strategies to students all over the world. She is an international author and has taught currencies, futures, and equities trading for over a decade.

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