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Problem Danny Wall, 4 squared, 4sqa.com SCAM

I am having an issue with a company


This dude Danny Wall just stole 1k of my money, was supposed to return in three weeks, he stalled me for three weeks then totally quit responding to communications including my last stating if he did not respond he was acknowledging that he was scamming me. DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY!!!! I have found out lots of info on the dude and will post later, just wanted to get this up ASAP to hopefully stop anyone thinking about it, he is trying to fish for more money right now so WATCH OUT!!!!
Danny Wall Thief

I have a few minutes now so I will expand on this scammer. I have been following this guy for probably a year and a half, way back when he was on babypips before, come to find out he got banned off there. I followed his e-mails and tweets to see what he had to say, even at that I only read them occasionally. I even entered some live trading rooms he had for while. Some winning days, some losing. He was always sending out market analysis stuff with usually some kind of trading thing he was doing at the bottom. Lots of "guaranteed pools" came and went where he would guarantee a specific return in a specific amount of time. I followed these, not getting in them but watching what happened and could never find anyone saying they got scammed out of money on them so I thought they must be working out okay but I still did not get in them. Then I read one he put out offering a forex strategy and his personal attention for three weeks, giving him 1k for the three weeks which he would return at the end of this time. So I bought in to it. Sent the money. First week or two, quick responses from him with some info but not much, mostly having me research this or that. Third week started to taper off. End of third week, time to return the money now and a family emergency in Canada comes up, will return money next week. Next week, various stalls, I can't remember them right now but I have them in e-mails. Third week overdue, now he's in Chicago making some deals, get it to me soon. I stated it was critical I have it on the 25th before noon, and since then nothing from him. Numerous e-mails and text messages to him and nothing back. Even did a test, setting up a fake e-mail, asking questions about his latest pool in between my real e-mail questions about my money and immediate responses to the fake one but not to my questions about my money. So he scammed me. So I start to dig on him and here is what I have so far.

1. None of his business names are registered in Colorado. You can verify for yourself on the Colorado business registry page. His name is not associated with any companies except a few now defunct marketing one's that are all expired at least a year ago.

2. He owns no properties in his supposed county of El Paso, where he claims to live. He is supposed to be a gazillionaire but has zero properties. Either he does not live where he says or owns nothing. This can be verified on the El Paso county property lookup page.

3. He used to be a scammer on the Warrior Forum, just type Warrior Forum Danny Wall in a search engine and you can read what he was doing in there.

4. Read the review that Donz has here under the reviews for this guy and he has a link to some youtube videos he made about the scams he is running, might be quicker than me typing it all out.

I have more to share but that is all for now on this thief. If you have any money with him in his "fund" or "guaranteed pools" better try to get it out quick, I suspect he is just shuffling money around and will run out of cards soon. Please post any info or questions you have on "the best scumbag in the world." Thanks.
Guaranteed return on a forex investment. That statement alone screams SCAM very loudly.

Keep trying to get his attention by email, but also it sounds like it's time to start filing reports.

I'd suggest the following places for a start:


Contact your local bank or police for more suggestions.
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Yeah, that is why I never got into those pools, I was pretty skeptical of them but nobody ever said anything bad about them. My deal was not a return of any additional money, just what I had sent in back. Yes I will hit up those sites you mentioned and file there. E-mail is definitely a no reply now from him, sent another one today and nothing but I received another e-mail he sent to everybody fishing for more money. I'll continue on with my mission to attempt recovery and spread the word.
Danny Wall the Thief

Holy crap!!! I just watched his latest video he just e-mailed and twittered out and he has a new program for all us fortunate people. With just a minimum $20000 dollar ($5 million dollar) maximum deposit he will manage your money for you, steady growth style. With $100-$150000 he says you can probably live off the return. Please help me out there shut this dude down!!! Spread the word to save the rest, there were no complaints easily found when I got in so he got me, I am hoping to change that so anybody that types in his name will know instantly not to send any money to this fool.
Danny Wall is a SCAM !!!


Please contact me! I was also scammed by Danny Wall!
It's definitely looking like a very good time to report this guy to the powers that be. Don't wait, do it now.

Please contact me! I was also scammed by Danny Wall!

Hey JBOE, I hate to hear that for sure, I am on a campaign to shut this guy down. You don't show any contact info in your profile though, if you update it I will contact you. I have reported to ic3 and I know two others that have also, I am working on the rest. Would the SEC and CFTC get involved since he is not a licensed broker?
And JBOE, make sure you post a review in the FPA review section of him so others can know the story.
Vincam...how can I contact you?


How can I contact you? I already posted my concerns to the ITC3 site.
Please provide a way so I can contact you so we can discuss this issue.