I am the first to write my experience with DAX-300.com broker company. I will update my status about whats happening with them when possible.

Broker contacted me on phone around 4th February. She (Angie Folia) made me a brefing about what DAX-300.com is and asked me for Deposit from the first call. I did my reserch but didnt found many stuff. I was afraid at the start but the broker was calling me like everyday to explain me few things that they are legit and reliable. She convinced me and i decided to Deposit 500€ and see hows it going (even if she was asking for 2.000€+ for Bonus??).
After my deposit and after few phone calls i realised that she isnt actualy my account manager but an other sir named George Anthony. I had a conversation with Mr.George and everything was fine. They told me that i will have 2 weeks trial and if i dont like the stuff i can withdraw my money and stop. All cool here untill this point.

Closing my first post,
>Deposit 500€ at 7th February (agreed to send them BTC instead of Bank Wire)
>13/2/2019 and trades didnt started at all yet ..... even if my account was credited at 7th February
>While had everyday phonecalls, after deposit almost no responce from company or account managers
>DAX-300.com support is one of the worst.... never replying and they supposed to be 24x5 or something...

I am not very satisfied at this point, but i will give that company few more weeks and i will be posting any updates here.


I had an account with DAX via a trader called Jane Peterson. Some profits and then some big losses. Typically the trader is nowhere to be found despite numerous Skype Messages. I then closed the outstanding loosing trades and placed a withdrawal request which was acknowledged on 21st October. On 30th October 58 trades were placed on my account all FOREX XRPUSD. All these trades lost (as was their plan) and my account killed off. No contact from their phone line, email or ticket system. I have written to their financial partner
Mr Shion Ikizake
Hirose Financial UK Ltd
5 Fleet Place
They are FCA regulated but even they are saying they have no association with DAX 300. All these people are liars and cheats.

Does anyone have a solid operational address for DAX and a name - not the Micky Mouse St Vincent address as this is just a post box and the St Vincent authorities and government are to busy lining their pockets to care