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Just thought this worth flagging up. I'm part of a chat room for a particular EA I trade. Last week, one evening a new subscriber came on extolling the virtues of DCM, in terms of speed of execution, no slippage, great spreads. He was bragging about the great trades he'd made that day using the EA. When one member challenged his maths on the example he gave, he couldn't/wouldn't answer and when the challenger left, he wrote some abuse.
Something seemed not right and when he was challenged again he didn't respond and eventually signed off.

The next day, another new member shouting about how great DCM were as a broker.

I and others in the chat room are pretty convinced "both" these people were, in fact, DCM staff, employing the same tactics they've tried on this forum.
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I can't prove it, although if necessary the guy running the chat room could check back on ip addresses etc. and my bet is the 2 different subscribers originated from exactly the same place and could even be the same person. Since that initial burst of activity and being challenged, we've heard nothing else.

Just wanted to raise awareness. No way would I ever want to use a broker who resorted to these tactics.

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DCM Forex Representative
Dear Digitalis,

We are very sorry that you got an erroneous impression about Direct Currency Markets.
I can surely say that we never use such unfair and dishonest tactics to promote our company.
May I know what exactly EA have you mentioned into your message? We have tested some EAs on our accounts. So in case if your EA is tested, we will be glad to provide you with the results.

Best regards,

DCM Forex Representative.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

Can you please explain the "client" reviews that were submitted on your review page from inside your company? Initially I was merciful and only posted 3 of the fake reviews. Since you've decided to deny that your company does these things, I've posted all four so that readers can see the full history of fake reviews left by your company.

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DCM Forex Representative
Those fake reviews were submitted by our former employee. His actions were unauthorsised. We never allow anyone who works with DCM use unfair tactics and methods to represent our company. So he was fired after this accident.