I have got a call from some British number, saying that they are ready to help me to return my money I have lost previously on options, as there sraders were not legid and it will take only couple of days.

The conversation continued untill I have pu 375EUR into the platform on the 6th July 2018.
In order to begin trading I had to go throught the confirmation of Name, Surname, Adress etc.

Aftter that, I have been contacted by a lady via whatsapp: +372 54842599 named Kira.
She called herself a consultant and promissed to send signals every day via whatsapp.

After I understood that it will not be that fast, I just asked to return me money as no bonuses have been received, and no trading done. As answer I received that I have to accumulate for 25% from the sum of deposit as swap&splits.

She explained how do I calculate it and proposed to do some trading. I lost my first 25EUR.

After that I traded myself, and was able to return the money and even more to my account.

I have decided to withdraw money from the platform, as I have read through the agreement that there is no such criteria of 25%.

I have put a withdrawal request on 24.07.2018. In about one week I contacted Kira.

There were long conversations on whatsapp, and at the end I was granted the request to finance department to contact me the next day. I did receive a call and there was a man, to whom I showed bank account with bank card being mine. Also showed that there were no any bonuses received. It was on Fri, 2nd July 2018 and he said that their finance department will do their job on Mon, 5th July 2018 and he will contact me once more.

After that there was silence. My account still tells me that I have 433 EUR (withdraw costs you 5%), so I decided to withdraw 400EUR and have 25EUR as withdrawal cost just in case.

The request is still there, and nothing happens.