deltastock scam? or my ignorance about their stop orders?


I have a situation which I don't understand.
I don't know who to ask for help, so this is my first step.
I have made a screenshot with the situation.

Yesterday, I found I lost all my money in my account with deltastock.
It's not a big deal as money concern, (27$)
The apparent cause was a transaction back in january,

They say the cause was the stop order 10994978,
but I really don't understand how this happened.

I remember quite clearly I closed every transactions,
equity being, in the end, 29$

so I stopped trading at equity 29$, I remember it quite clearly.

How can a stop order be considered a market order?
I'm confused, especially after their response,
"Order 11137911 closed 10994978 (the stop order which was executed on January 25th). This order was executed because You did not have sufficient margin in your account to maintain the position and when the position was closed the result which was a loss 27.01 USD was reflected in your account."

If I put a market order,
and then a stoploss order
what happens to the stoploss order if a manually close the market order?
If price gets to stop order price,
what happens?

Shouldn't stoploss order be invalid if I manually close the market order?

I didn't receive any "margin call" email,
(I had a margin call in the past, and they sent me an email)
again, dubious

I feel like they did something behind my back,
or their platform messed things up

Does this screen shot reveal something dubious with 10994978 transaction?

Thank you in advance,
I would gladly hear an opinion, besides theirs.


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a quick comment
many stations have the stop orders associated with the open trade and when one is killed it kills the other - not all tho, some you have to manually exit other associated orders
hopefully some one with experience on that station will chip in


Perhaps this was a pending order (buy stop or sell stop) that you had previously placed. If so, it would not activate until price reached the level you specified.

Master Yoda

You need to look to look on the account statement and see if it wasn't a pending order, I agree here.


This is what they explained to me.
I understood the explanation.
Apparently i put a pending order stop order, stop loss for a buy order.
And i manually closed the buy order.

ANd they sent me an archive with "margin calls" emails they said they sent me, but i never received.
If they are truthful, it means these emails got in spam folder.
Whats unusual, is that i received a margin call email from them in the past, last year, so gmail knew their address to be OK.

In the end, I'm not that convinced,
But their logic seems OK,
I know i did this mistake many times (pending order for a stop loss)
So, i don't have a clear situation.
As i never close a trading day without checking if there are open orders.
But maybe i didn't check, and got away from trading for a month. Quite a coincidence.

Indeed, i would love some experienced guy to test this broker.

Anyway, lesson learned at least, with pending order.

A plus for deltastock though is their responsiveness,
I have to admit it.
But if issues don't get solved, responsiveness doesn't count.

Thank you guys, for your support.
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