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did any one joined jimmy young course?? urgent

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by alkhatarey, May 22, 2009.

  1. alkhatarey

    alkhatarey Private

    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hi every one

    I need Help from you guys , I have experience on forex Trading 3 years now, and i found allot of positive reviews about jimmy young and actually i want to know if his course will help me or not? because i know allot about trading and i have my trading strategy but maybe he has something will help me more in trading Does anyone suggest me to take his course? and his course is for Advanced Traders or Beginners?

    I saw all the Reviews about him but i need answer for these Questions guys?

    He offered me course for one year 2500$ , does it worth this money?

    Thanks allot guys

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