Did you hurt by Crown Forex? Read & Join!


Dear Fellows

I had a deposit at Crown Forex when declared bankrupt by FINMA, the Swiss regulator. I talk with the NOTTER MEGEVAND & PARTNERS - the liquidator firm and told that among others, Crown Forex management abuses the traders’ deposits and didn't keep the money in a segregate account as they should.
This is a criminal behavior of Crown Forex managers and directors - however, FINMA and the liquidator can’t sue the managers and the directors in person as their mandate is to the company activity only.
However, they bless legal activity against the management by the individuals who may hurt by Crown Forex.

I wish arranging a group of people who can join to sue the managers and the directors in person.
If you wish to join - please send an email to
With basic information:
Full name, address, and amount you had in the 'secured' Crown Forex account.
Following to your registration, I wish to keep all registered users in touch and to appoint a lawyer in Switzerland to look for ways to proceed and to possibly get our money out from the directors.

Thank you, Doron