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Compare Did you know? The FPA has review pages for licensed Stock Brokers.

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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

The FPA has review pages for licensed Stock Brokers.

Many forex brokers offer stocks and stock indexes. These are convenient, but almost all are really just CFDs for stocks. With CFDs you don't own the shares. CFD spreads and prices often don't match prices for buying or selling shares directly from the stock exchange using a licensed stockbroker. Those price mismatches won't be in your favor.

Unlike many CFD brokers, real licensed stock brokers that trade on stock exchanges are licensed and regulated. Prices on exchanges are transparent, so the stockbroker can't easily cheat by padding their profits with fake slippage.

We've always had a few stock brokers in the reviews, since there are some real stockbrokers that also offer retail forex trading. The FPA has been adding other stock brokers to the reviews for several years now.
Since the FPA isn't widely known for stockbrokers, most don't have any reviews yet. This is where you can help your fellow traders...

If you've used any listed broker long enough to have a solid opinion of it, please leave a review. There are many licensed brokers from many countries that have not been added yet. If you use one that's not listed and want to leave a review, use the Add New Site button on the main Reviews listing.

It's usually simpler to signup with a stockbroker that's licensed in your country or region. I've broken them down by region and listing countries where one or more stockbrokers are already in the reviews. A few countries qualify for more than one region, such as Turkey, which has territory in both Europe and Asia. I've tried to do my best, but I'm sure I either have missed some or will mess up a few.

There are some very large ones that operate in multiple countries. In cases like that, they might not be attached to all the individual country links yet.

These links will help you find pages for stock brokers in your country or region. Click the location and you'll see which ones are already listed...

Stockbrokers of Africa

Egyptian Stock Brokers

Kenyan Stock Brokers

Mauritian Stock Brokers

Nigerian Stock Brokers

South African Stock Brokers


Stockbrokers of the Americas and Caribbean

Argentinian Stock Brokers

Bahamian Stock Brokers

Barbadian Stock Brokers

Brazilian Stock Brokers

Canadian Stock Brokers

Salvadoran Stock Brokers (El Salvador)

Jamaican Stock Brokers

Puerto Rican Stock Brokers

USA Stock Brokers

Stockbrokers of Antarctica

Just kidding. :)


Stockbrokers of Asia

Chinese Stock Brokers

Hong Kong Stock Brokers

Indian Stock Brokers

Indonesian Stock Brokers

Japanese Stock Brokers

Malaysian Stock Brokers

Singaporean Stock Brokers

Thai Stock Brokers

Turkish Stock Brokers


Stockbrokers of Europe

Bulgarian Stock Brokers

Estonian Stock Brokers

French Stock Brokers

German Stock Brokers

Italian Stock Brokers

Swiss Stock Brokers

Turkish Stock Brokers

UK Stock Brokers (The UK tries to pretend it's not part of Europe, but it is.)

Stockbrokers of the Middle East

Bahraini Stock Brokers

Egyptian Stock Brokers

Jordanian Stock Brokers

Kuwaiti Stock Brokers

Omani Stock Brokers

Saudi Arabian Stock Brokers

UAE Stock Brokers

Stockbrokers of Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and Small Pacific Island Nations)

Australian Stock Brokers

Fijian Stock Brokers

New Zealand Stock Brokers

Again, if you've been trading stock with a broker for a while, please go ahead and leave a review. If the broker isn't listed, go to the main Reviews page and use the Add New Site button. I'll try to keep updating this page as brokers from more countries get added.
The newest stockbrokers joining the list are...

Jamaican Stock Brokers

I think I should take a boat to Jamaica, rent a nice little place on the beach, and then maybe think about checking out their offices.