Difference Between MT4 MT5 And Which Among Them Is Best For Your Brokerage


Both include specialist advisors with groundbreaking electronic trading programs.

MT4 was primarily developed for forex traders, while MT5 was designed to offer CFDs, stocks and futures access to traders.

  • When it comes to both the platforms then the MT4 offers only hedging whereas the MT5 trading platform offers hedging and netting both.
  • MT4 is embedded with MQL4 language on contrary to that MT5 is embedded with MQL5 language chat functionality. The MQL5 language was originally the only platform that made it easy for trading robots and other expert advisors to be used by individuals. Just a few years ago, though, MetaQuotes made this feature available to MT4 users too.
  • On MT5 trading platform funds can easily be transferred between the accounts without any interruptions and delay.
  • MT4 is intended for CFDs, while MT5 is designed with various trading instruments to trade on and a trading network that includes all kinds of trading instruments of financial markets such as stocks, indices, futures, and Forex.
  • MT5 is stronger than MT4 and is more productive. MT5 is a multi-core, 64-bit platform, while MT4 is a 32-bit platform.
  • All these MT4 and MT5 include internal mailing systems, but with attachments, MT5 provides this function.
  • When it comes to chart and analysis then both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms work best for traders. But when it comes to the comparison then, MT5 offers more technical indicators, more graphical objects and in comparison to ordinary timeframes, MT5 offers more timeframes that are most profitable for day traders.
Let’s know which one is best suitable for your brokerage business:

Well, the answer is that it completely depends on the trader as in how easily they could trade and handle the trading platforms.

MT5 surely comes with a few more added features and tools as compared to MT4 but for the novice traders, it might be a bit complicated to use MT5.

MT4 trading platform is surely easy to use and could be used conveniently. But in case, if you have got really experienced traders, then going with MT5 is surely a great option.

But all in all the conclusion to the above statements is that MT4 is the best choice and widely accepted trading platform globally.

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MT4 was built mainly for forex traders, while MT5 was built to give easy access to stocks and trades. But MT4 is the most popular platform because of it is the most complete trading platform which has many features that makes trading easy. Give it a try!