Difference between normal indicator and custom indicator

The indicators that are available with Mt4 platform are the ones that are normal indicators. While the indicators that you add in Mt4 installed directory are custom ones.

I have seen many of the traders are using Indicators in their trades and they also know that if they want to become a successful trader in this business then the only way of doing that is using the trusted Indicators :)
Hello peeterwoolf

I like to use the "Moving Average" on my S&P500, plus my own trendlines to gauge the trend. Using the "Daily 200" gives me roughly one full years trend.

It is a lagging indicator, which means it doesn't predict new trends, but adding both (Moving Average & trendlines) together gives that bit of extra edge.

Good luck

I like Moving Average too. It can give you a pretty good idea about current support and resistance levels.
Upgraded indicators are definitely good but I, personally, prefer using the standard ones. Because who knows what was chosen in upgraded indicators and how it'll influence trading.
Custom indicators are used to analyze the past and current price of a currency pair, stock, commodity, etc. in order to predict the future price. Traders can make their own custom indicators by utilizing some important factors which effect the movement of forex market. For example News, price action, etc.
The original indicator is customised by adding or changing certain codes based on the traders, and the standard indicator is only used to modify the inputs window.
In simple terms, the indicator that comes with your broker's platform is a normal or default indicator, and the custom indicator is personally created or customized by the trader.
Custom indicators can be modified to use various lines and more, the author can create based on their preference on its indicator, but how to create custom indicator need knowledge about MQL codebase, and not all trader understand.