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Be cautious and vigilant to this is the new website of that so many people have already been scammed. Same kind of tactic and same interface inside. Don't engage to any of their activity if they are luring you to put 1000USD and more


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Go here to see the stories of all the victims who fell for


company offering forex, gold, financial trading product require to obtain license from financial regulator, the license can be cross check with financial authority website. if broker company operate without verifiable license number, most likely it is fake trading, and your trade doesnt pass to the real market exchange. the money is gone for good as soon as you send the deposit

Report all scams to local authority and to the authority where your money were sent to.

If is from HK. Report it here:
Singapore here:
China here but need someone who reads chinese to navigate the website:

The right thing to do is to report them

Be safe all
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