Dino Trading LTD

It's up to you to show your own value. When they think you are valuable enough, you can withdraw through all the early withdrawals, but you can't be greedy, you can only do it once or twice, and the amount of withdrawal should be controlled. It won't work if there are too many. Maybe you can tell me the service provider I registered with, I've been switching services lately to take advantage of this, lol
My friend, I think you're doing this dangerously, and if you do it, you're no better than a liar,
Intresting. If you read my intital post, I was able to withdraw all of my funds. But I feel that the reply I received is true, in that they will allow withdrawals so you will feel safe and conitune to add to the account. then lock you up.

This whole thing is very weird. Were it its to good to be true than it is applies here. My thought and approach is to actually get a real account set up at a legitimate brokerage, which I did. I did a trade this morning with her, but was only using a demo account to see if I could actually make some money. What I quickly realized was the the trade markers where different. The advise I was given as buy in an sell points where different from the two servers. So when we set our auto sell points, they didnt hit at the same time. Mine where a few dollars less. Which clearly means they are manipulating their charts.
Clearly this is a super red flag, and makes no sense for me to trade with real money even in a legit account because I will probably get rekt. I have no clue how to predict and trade in a live market like this.