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@Anthony* @stronghand @Willard Wilson basically one same guy from China. Why are you talking to yourself here? 3 profiles, 1 person, all joined at the same time, gee whatta coincidence...

Could be a mental disorder but more likely a scam attempt. And a very poor one, if I may add.

The story goes:

a scam unlicensed Bulgarian-based grey-label fake-forex, pseudo-gambling-lottery and recovery-ripoff bucket shop, sitting in a mouldy callcenter on the outskirts of Belozem village in BG (Plovdiv is expensive, Sofia too expensive), tries to push his 'business', finds some Chinese online, a month ago, willing to work remote to refer 'clients' to his crappy fake forex website, for a commission. The Chinese guy is very smart and extremely inventive. He creates 3 profiles on FPA almost at the same time. He names profiles with very original western-alike names and nicks. He starts talking to himself, putting smart comments indeed...
We stumble upon this lonely conversation on FPA, while casually browsing... Then play around for a while with this Dino Ltd a.k.a ДИНО ЕООД Bulgarian duck meet and grocery store www.dinoltd.com

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We see the owner of this Duck setup having some ties to UK broker 15 years ago as a mere secretary for a month time and that is his entire financial professional experience. Up to now, that is :)

We post on FPA. Hopefully FPA's pet, Spamcat, will react soon. Scam attempt is over.

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In the meantime, one of the profiles quickly tries to edit its account details....alas, too late.
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GameStop for you on FPA, farewell scammers.
Wow, well done!! I been trying to research and figure out htis website, and really didnt turn up much. Clearly you have Sergent Major Status. Thanks