disapointed of finotec


as a customer from finotec i can say im really disapointed , this company are taking from my acount every month 20$ for a charge making me , i emailed them and refuses theier services for mensaging text to phones becouse i dont nedded this and they make ommision of this and make me every month charges for nothing im very pist off now .
the Manager a person Named Riva .... its very very bad Manager they dont give me a solution to cancel this ridiculous services and the charging going forwarts and they dont stoped
I have the impresion Ms Riva is a racist person they dont like people from America or south america , my emails are ignoreedd so i can say only a nightmare situation,
Hoppe any person from Finotec read what your personal going whit customer to make me angry !!! stohlen me every month 20$ from my account i sendet emails but no answer ,
When Mrs Daniel are in Finotec they call me every weeck asking me how doing and never have any problems but Riva you are really a disaster as a MAnager you dont take care for customers like me .
Now are so many problem but this person ignore me
Bad bad i can say my experience ist disapointed shame person like this trade people very badly.

Now i have charges of 80$ for nothing i say again i dont need your message text services to phones can you understand this
i will my money back !!!!!!!!

Beware to come to a compnay ho you are only a number have no relevance for nothing and as a customer have no value ,. take care and a customers service are hier hard to find ho are you customer service im hier complaining but you dont worry be happy???
please my 80 $ from my account give back !!! refundet
i hoppe hier the secttion take a investigation of this complain and finotec open your eyes and hear what i complain !!!!!!

my money back 80$ yes


Before worrying about the $80, how much money is in the account? Can you close the account and get that money first so that this person can't steal more from you?

Then, go for the remaining money.


FXOpen AU Representative
Do they say what this charge is for? Is it mentioned in the agreement anywhere? If you agreed to the terms you may not be able to recover the funds. This is a good reason why you should read any agreement documents before opening an account with a broker, especially when they may have a hidden charge.

I wish you best of luck with this broker. Read the agreements again and if this charge is not mentioned there, you should raise hell to get it back. Even though it is a small amount, its the principle of the matter that really counts here.


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I've been trading with these guys for some time now. the same thing happened to me, but i cancelled the service and got my money back.

so far they have been a very professional company. through my experiences i would recommened them to anyone.


Review spammer for Finotec
Thanks to the Finotec Team

After a few tips from the dealing desk, i just made myself 4.5k.

Once again thanks to the Finotec team