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Dear Sir

My name is Asaad Housawi I am from Saudi Arabia started dealing with a company called UNB Trade based in London their contact+44 20 3677 5502 person incharge of my wallet Dr. Saeed Abo Al Waleed

my wallet # 2132534375-TFB-live they use Meta4 Platform unfortunately they did not provide me with their license # my problem with them is as follows:

-01 on Dec.19.17 the Etherium price was rising were I noticed that they openned an order without my knowledge ID #988294 to buy 10 lots of Etherium at 303.61 and closed the same order with loss at price 201.47 causing me a loss of $102,140.00 one minute earlier they openned an order ID #988291 to buy 2 lots of the same item at price 303.61 and they closed the order at 201.00 causing me a total loss of $20,522.00

-02 on Dec.20.17 I openned an order ID#989724 to buy 8.10lots of BUHUSD all of a sudden I found the order closed on Dec.22 causing me a loss of US$192,666.60.

-03 The big issue is with order ID #936383 to buy 7 lots of Etherium at price 380.00 on Dec.12 I found that the order closed at 533.96 making 0 profits were I should make profits at least of US$107,772.00.according to closing price
I have set the system to take profit at $1200 which simply means I should make profit accordingly $574,000

-4 on Oct.13 .17 I openned an order ID# 943785 to buy 20 lots of EURUSD at price 1.18492 but all of a sudden I found the opening price has been changed somehow to 1.19842 I reported the matter to them with the prove I have in hand thru WhatsApp texting and they promised me well but nothing has been taken against till the order closed today with minimum profits UD$1160.00 were I should make US$ 28,160.00 causing me loss of US$27,000.00

-05 On Oct.4.17 an order ID#936380 to sell 7 lots of Etherium was openned by them with out my knowledge at price 390.00 and closed at price 295.74 wondering this order generated 0 profits were it was suppose to generate a total profits of $65,982.00 , same day an order ID# 936381 was openned by them with out my knowledge to buy 1 lot of the same item at price of 390.00 and closed at price of 291.70 it was supposed to make profits of $9830 but is shows as it made 0 profit

My request is to compensate me for the loss they caused for me and for the profits I lost that I am supposed to make $ 1,240,100.60 plus $200,000.00 as a penalty for their dishonesty and the damages they caused for me

So far these are the points I observed, if I observed something new I will write to you


Looking forward to hearing from you

Asaad Housawi
My contact +966 56 102 1049


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what the court has done for my case? no up date so far
You have a thread in Scam Alerts, not a case thread. Check the FAQ linked in my signature for more information.

If the site already disappeared, filing a case would not do a lot of good unless you can show they've moved to a new site.