Dishonorable Discharge: Mustapha Azeez


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Dishonorable Discharge: Mustapha Azeez

Mustapha Azeez, sometimes known as Azeez Mustapha, used to post large numbers of items in the Company Articles folder at the FPA with links back to I enjoyed reading many of his articles.

In March, I received a complaint that one of Mustapha's articles copied a significant amount of text from an article at without giving any credit to the original author. I checked, and it was true. I appreciate that the Executive Editor of SFO chose to approach the FPA in a very professional and non-confrontational manner. Under the circumstances, she could have easily assumed that the FPA was actively cooperating with Mustapha's copyright violations.

I removed the offending post and emailed Mustapha about the issue. He promised that none of his other articles had any copied text that he know of. He also said that he would take a break from posting at the FPA and would always bear this great lesson in mind. I allowed his account to remain active and he had not made any new postings since then.

FxInstructor took harsher action against him. As soon as they were notified of the copyright violation, they revoked his posting privileges and removed all of his prior postings from their website.

A few days ago, I got another email from SFO's executive editor. She sent me a copy of an email Mustapha sent out to that freely borrowed text from another author's article on the SFO site without giving proper credit. Now I can't trust than anything Mustapha ever posted at the FPA is 100% original. I don't have time to check each of his old posts to see which ones do or don't have improperly copied material. I've removed all of Mustapha Azeez's posts from public folders and banned his account.

Plagiarism may not seem like a serious crime, but it's one small step down from other forms of intellectual property theft. This wasn't reposting a funny picture found on the web. Mustapha Azeez was presenting another writer's words as his own. By posting this material at the FPA, he made the entire FPA website potentially liable for a copyright violation claim.

Based on his violation of copyright rules both at the FPA and later, Mustapha Azeez is dishonorably discharged from the Forex Peace Army.


Great wrk mr asst. moderator. FPA has to take an aggressive stance against plagiarism. I have seen it cost someone a 5yrs wrk of phd degree. It's unfortunate.


Sergeant Major
Brilliant work Asst. Moderator it never ceases to amaze me how you sniff out these scoundrels and how you deal with them so efficiently.


Excellent detective work Captain....ehhh...I meant Lieutenant (should be Captain though due to seniority at well as that "ancient one", who seems to have been here at the FPA since time immortal, but is still a "Master Sargent" to this day:p)

I too had enjoyed Mustapha Azeez's articles in the past, as I have found them to be very well thought out and clearly written.
I was so impressed with his articles that I even signed up for his "signal service" late 2010 (I think), but asked for a refund when I found out that he wouldn't not be providing any signals until the long year end and early year holidays.

I encountered some problems in cancelling my paid subscription & for a full refund and only after a numbers of e-mails with Mustapha Azeez (who informed he is not in charge of the refund dept and told me to contact the relevant dept) highlighting my problem, here at the FPA and also to PayPal, did I finally got my refund. The apologetical excuse was that my request was in their spam folder and hence no replies to my e-mails. But I did get my full refund in the end.

One thing that was very apparent to me was that, even though his articles here at the FPA were very well written, his E-mail correspondences with me were very much less impressive as they were not of the same standard of English as in his articles.
But, with the above post from AsstModerator, it is now quite apparent how these discrepancies and standards came about.


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So he not only plagiarizes again, but does it from the very same website he already got busted by. How stupid is this guy? :D