Dishonorable Discharge: Tsathya

It's been a long time since Tsathya popped up, but he finally came back with new demands. On October 17, 2021, Tsathya used the Legal Threat against the FPA form in the FPA's FAQ, even though that clearly states that threats are publicized.

He wrote...

We got money from ic market ,but you said my side wrong ,so u waste my time energy ,u not done your work correctly u made me to wait for a long to te get justice u asked evedence even if market said that there fault ,
In the name of traders court u missed used the name court
So please give me compensation amount as I asked my email, please unblock my email too ow we will file case against to you I will attached evedence soon once u unblock my email

Thanking you for your all help

Tsathya's trades that didn't even qualify for a Traders Court case. Now he wants compensation because his broker finally paid him some money. I wonder if they finally paid him because that was cheaper than letting him waste the time of their support agents.

Tsathya also appears to want to file an FPA Traders Court Case against the FPA itself - because the FPA would not break its own rules about what cases qualify. Tsathya earned a permanent ban for his abuse of the FPA, including mailbombing the FPA demanding the FPA change solely to suit his personal needs, Tsathya even expects the FPA Traders Court to award him compensation for not breaking rules to suit his personal views.

I wrote back...

You should use some of the money you claim to have received from your former broker to compensate the human rights organization for the time you wasted with them over this issue.

Cease and desist harassing the FPA and its staff.

He replied...

Thank you for your response.
See first of all you understand if ic market said that there technical fault ,then you are court what is your duty is give solution but your people asked me more and more evedence for example a thief said in court yes I did ,so what court have to do ,give the punishment, but you asking evedence to the person who file case
Second now we got money from ic market through afca ,so since there fault only they gave the money to me 1000 $
So now you thing what did you did in the name of traders court you support injustice even if market accepted there fault
So my kind request please give me money for waste my valuable time energy and compensation amount of what I asked in my previous email
If u did wrong who ask you can you do what ever you want in the name of trareds court
Here sending the email that ic market gave money to me
Further more unblock my email from your side also allow me write my comment on your page in my case you only wrote your side points and then blocked me
I have seen on web those details you try to saw me in different angle to public you damage my image I am a public figure this is grate insult me
So give me the amount and dont do like this again in the name of traders court
Yours truly


I've consulted with the Scam Investigations Committee. They've made a ruling. I will be emailing Tsathya a link to the ruling.
Tsathya wants an FPA Traders Court Ruling on his old case, his banning, and compensation. We, the members of the FPA Scam Investigation Committee of the FPA Traders Court have decided to issue some rulings on the issues raised, even though Tsathy has no standing to access to any FPA services.

Tsathya vs FPA

Tsathya's Old Case

Tsathya wants to be reinstated to the FPA so he can file a Traders Court case against the FPA itself seeking compensation over the handing of a dismissed FPA Traders Court Case.

The original case was about an issue gold and oil trades. Even before the Traders Court system was introduced, the FPA excluded trades not involving currency pairs from consideration in Scam Investigations. Gold trades have never been covered by the FPA Traders Court, so no member may bring a case based on gold or oil trades no matter how much a member complains. The FPA Traders Court is no more obligated to handle cases involving gold or oil than it is to handling cases involving fake prices on pork options or cases involving burglary.

Tsathya then tried to introduce 2 forex trades he claimed had unfair loss calculations. He could not understand how a smaller volume trade could result in a larger loss than a larger volume trade. The smaller trade lost more because the number of pips it was negative was significantly larger. Pharaoh explained the math to Tsathya twice and performed the calculations. The losses on those two trades were correct to within one cent.

Based on these facts, the Scam Investigations Committee of the FPA Traders Court rules that no matter what the broker did regarding his claim, dismissing Tsathya's old case at the FPA was the correct thing to do.

Tsathya's Banned Status

For Tsathya's uncivilized and even illegal actions later, the permanent ban against his forums account is upheld, which means no other evidence in the old case would be considered. This ban also means Tsathya has no right to file any new cases.

Tsathya's Compensation

Tsathya seems to believe that the Scam Investigations Committee has the power to order compensation over wasted time and other issues. We will accommodate his belief.

The Scam Investigations Committee of the FPA Traders Court considers the dismissal of Tsatyha's case to be correct. The Committee also upholds the permanent ban against Tsathya due to his uncivilized and level illegal actions. Because of this, Tsathya is entitled to no compensation for his case being dismissed or for being banned. Further, Tsathya is not entitled to any compensation from the FPA for any more causes he tries to invent.

Tsathya could have gone to the regulators or filed a civil suit. Instead, Tsathya wasted the time of the FPA, an uninvolved human rights organization. His uncivilized and illegal act and even his own time trying to get special treatment that he was never entitled to. Because of this, the Committee has extended the examination of compensation...

FPA vs Tsathya

Regarding compensation, we, the Scam Investigations Committee of the FPA, have made 2 rulings. All amounts are in US Dollars.

Ruling 1. Compensation owed now.

We find that Tsathya owes compensation to the Human Rights Organization he bothered by making ludicrous claims. The amount owed by Tsathya to them is $5000. Tsathya is also ordered to include an apology and a promise to never contact that organization again for any reason once the payment and apology are both delivered.

FPA Member Pharaoh twice tried to explain simple trading math to Tsathya and was met with nothing but rudeness and insults from Tsathya. We find that Tsathya owes Pharaoh $1000 as compensation. This also should include an apology.

Ruling 2. Deferred Compensation.

If Tsathya pays the compensation listed above along with sending the apologies within the next 30 days and forever Ceases and Desists all harassment and claims against the FPA, the compensation listed below will not be due. Otherwise, all of this is due within 30 days of Tsathya defaulting on Ruling One ...

1. For the continued harassment of the FPA over this issue for a period of years, Tsathya owes $25,000.

2. For the crime of mailbombing the FPA over this incident, Tsathya owes $1 for the first harassing message he sent, $2 for the second, $4 for the third, $8 for the fourth, and doubling each time until all of those messages up to the last one quoted in the previous post are paid off.

3. Whether or not Tsathya received his Ph.D. later, for committing purgery about falsely claiming to hold a Ph.D. when such a degree had not yet been granted, Tsathya owes $2000. An exact quote of Tsathya's lie is in the first post of this thread.

Permanent Injunction against further harassment of the FPA by Tsathya

If any new messages come in from Tsathya or any person representing Tsathya harassing the FPA or demanding any compensation, the amount of compensation Tsathya will owe any unpaid amounts of the Deferred Compensation to the FPA as described in Ruling 2 above, plus will owe the FPA will be an additional $10,000 for each new message sent.

Since the FPA does not want to make money from compensation from misbehaving members, all compensation money received from Tsathya beyond the first $10,000 will be sent to charities of the FPA's choice. Receipts will be publicly posted.
Tsathya chose to ignore the ruling he asked us to make. He wrote several emails to the FPA and CCed the human rights organization...

Dear human rights and fpa one more things I wish to explain
As you said you not doing the case between gold ,why you not told when we file case simple I must went AFCA and got the money early ,
After long time you spent time waste my time ,you saying we are not dealing gold what a laughing matter
Since your activities made me mentally and physically because ic market said there fault but u asked more evedence this another laughing things ,then I asked correct questions then only you saying we are not doing gold case
What is this
Can you please allow me to write my points on fpa or can I reply to your question to fpa because still you blocked me
Best regards with


We will try to explain this to Tsathya as simply as possible. To make it even easier, Tsathya's dismissed case is now on public display here...

1. AsstModerator clearly explained that cases against Gold do not qualify for Traders Court and suggested you contact ASIC about the issue on August 7, 2018.


2. The FPA has an email from Tsathya at about the same time showing a complaint made to ASIC. Tsathya emailed a copy of his ASIC complaint to the FPA. Any failure to contact or follow up with the regulators is solely due to Tsathya ignoring the advice of AsstModerator.

3. Tsathya's continued aggression as well as his continued efforts to waste the time of a human rights organization over his delusions shows that banning him was the correct action.

Dear Fpa and human rights
First of all we would like to say
1. I am not asking compensation from ic market or AFCA ,
I am asking compensation from FPA only
2. Why from FPA
We first filed case on fpa ,but fpa fail to do there duty in my case I dont know why ,because of there activities only I mean bannded me ,not allow to login my account on fpa still unable to do write my points unable to views my case on fpa totally waste of my time energy also made me mentally and physically agony, damage my image on public about me, not allowed me to write my points they try to sew they are right ,and banded me and unable to write my points if they are truly why banded me ,they are violation writing rights all human have there own writing talking rights fpa vialationg this
Also they said (i mean fpa) I have to be in jail ,who are they to give justice even they not a truthful in my case
Insult my master degree even I MSC holder in maths this people saying I am unable to solve simple maths

Now they wrote like this please consider this too

Tsathya thinks the FPA has the ability to order compensation, so we are operating under that assumption.

1. We see no reason that the FPA owes any compensation to Sathya. The FPA warned Sathya very early that he needed to pursue his case elsewhere. Instead, he began a campaign to force the FPA to change established rules to suit his personal needs.

2. As detailed above, we see ample reasons why Sathya owes the FPA compensation.

3. We note in the message above that Sathya doesn't mention yet holding a Ph.D. in math. Based on his inability to understand common calculations all traders should be able to perform, any questioning of his math skills is based on fact, not malice. We are certain of this because one of the members of the committee really does have a Ph.D. in mathematics.

4. The FPA has clear rules of behavior that Sathya repeatedly violated, so banning him is not a violation of his rights. He is free to set up his own forum and reviews site where he can say what he likes and ban people who violate whatever rules he implements. Tsathya is not free to ignore the rules of the FPA or other websites that he does not control.

Dear human rights and fpa one more things I wish to explain
As you said you not doing the case between gold ,why you not told when we file case simple I must went AFCA and got the money early ,
After long time you spent time waste my time ,you saying we are not dealing gold what a laughing matter
Since your activities made me mentally and physically because ic market said there fault but u asked more evedence this another laughing things ,then I asked correct questions then only you saying we are not doing gold case
What is this
Can you please allow me to write my points on fpa or can I reply to your question to fpa because still you blocked me
Best regards with


1. As shown above, AsstModertor explained the situation to Tsathya in the 4th post of your Traders Court case thread. He also told Tsathta to go to the regulator in the same post. Tsathya even shared his ASIC complaint with the FPA. All the time wasted after that point was solely due to Tsathya's refusal to accept reality.

2. Permanent bans are permanent. All Tsathya's tirades and irrational attacks only prove that banning Tsathya was correct and keeping Tsathya permanently banned remains the correct decision. If Tsathya doesn't agree, we suggest he contact the United States Supreme Court.

3. Tsathya violated the injunction against further harassment of the FPA. This triggers all of the Deferred Compensation listed above. We have now counted all the previous harassing emails from Tsaytha that haven't already been deleted. There were at least 36 such messages, making the final message fee come to $34,359,738,368 and the total for all the messages come to $68,719.476,735. If Tsathya needs help with how this works mathematically, we can ask Pharaoh to show him how doubling 1 dollar many times adds up very quickly.

4. For the 3 most recent emails, Tsathya owes the FPA an additional $30,000 in compensation.

5. For any new messages Tsathya sends to any human rights organization (other than to apologize and pay compensation, Tsathta will owe that organization an additional $10,000 in compensation.