DISQUALIFIED for TC COMPLAINT - Duplicate of an Abandoned thread and a Resolved thread on the same issue - SCAMMED BY TURNKEY FOREX


For those with similar terrible experience with turnkey forex, don't hesitate to reach out and leave your reviews. There will be a special scammedbyturnkeyforex domain laid with all the evidence with the goal of exposing this fraudulent company to the public and hold them accountable. Let their scams be the first thing people see when they search their name on the web.


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Thanks for bringing it up and those are questions that need to be cleared. Right after Turnkey forex failed to pay out my entire balance I wasted no time in reopening my case back again 2019. I was unable to see it all the way to the end as I would have preferred to but I did keep up with it for quite some time. I had to travel right around that time and I was away from home for a very long time afterwards. I pretty much spent half of 2019 and the whole of 2020/21 away from home, partly from the pandemic and for business reasons which is why I lost track of my previous account/thread which I have no problem going back to. Despite all this, the fact still remains that Turnkey Forex did not pay me the full amount they owed me and not only that, it took them a good 4 months to pay me the partial amount they did, not the 2 weeks they claim they did and the proof is attached. As you can see they refused to address my concern from the previous thread back in 2019. Not once did they show up to refute my claims. I filed complaints with the FCA at the time as they claimed to be based in the UK, which they in fact weren't and i did not follow up my case with the FBI as i should have so that is my fault. I requested they suspend the investigation as part of the arrangement with Turnkey Forex while they make all my payments and that was also the reason I posted receiving my profits on my previous thread. It didn't mean I got the full amount. It was as a show of good faith, which they have chosen to use against me because they are a rotten organization with no ethics or morals. The initial $52500 deposit I made by bank transfer was the first to arrive after a long hard battle with them, the rest of the partial amounts were sent to me in bitcoin including the $54200, $21328 and $3254 I deposited in bitcoin.

As you can see from my documented proof, right from the moment I requested my withdrawal on Nov 1 2018, I had to battle Turnkey Forex to even get them to return my initial bank deposit of $54200 which didn't happen until late December along with the first of the partial payments I received in bitcoin after we discussed a payment arrangement over the phone, which is evidenced from the payments made to me from Dec 2018 to April 2019. As seen in my exchange account history, the first partial payment was 26.17 BTC on Dec 23 2018 which that time was at a value of roughly $104,000. The second partial payment was made on Jan 22 2019 for 10.46 BTC which was roughly $37500. I was to receive this amount of roughly $37500 in BTC each month until my balance was paid in full. They stopped paying me after April 2019 at which point they had only repaid roughly $308,000 of my $409,758, which validates my previous thread of $100,000 so after reviewing my account history during that period, $100,000 is the precise figure owed to me. I received 9.37 BTC on Feb 23 2019, 9.44 BTC on Mar 23 2019 and 6.879 BTC on April 24 2019 all roughly worth $37500 each at the time. This was a total of around $150k, So in total what I got back from Turnkey Forex was my initial bank wire of $54200 + $254000 in BTC from partial payments. All supporting proof is attached.

So in summary not only did I have to fight tooth and nail to get this scam company to even acknowledge their wrongdoing and return my funds, they took a whooping FOUR months to pay me roughly $308,000, not 2 weeks. This isn't the action of a honest legitimate broker. I don't know if they can even be called a bucket shop. They are far worse. They basically took my money and hoped that I would lose it all in trades and didn't bother to think i would run a huge profit and request a withdrawal. Are they are pyramid scheme taking funds from new customers to give to old customers? Why did it take them 4 months to pay me and still owe me? That is the question i would like my fellow traders to think hard about. Legitimate brokers don't operate this way and no amount of fake outrage from the Turnkey Forex representative is going to change that. I am here for justice and will see that it is served.

Even if you had not created 2 prior threads on the same issue, the problem is now outside of Traders Court rules. Since 2011, the time limit for a formal complaint is 9 months. A person with an old complaint can open their first thread after the 9 month deadline, but it won't be considered for added review weight or other forms of Traders Court escalations. No matter what the age, the rule is One Person, One Issue, One Thread.

I had hoped you could explain your original claim that all profits had been paid. Instead, it appears that was a false claim. If you were somehow being subjected to pressure to falsely report the issue as resolved, you should have notified the FPA before making such a statement. I removed and brought back 2 reviews and a Scam Alerts thread last month to help the traders recover their funds while getting the facts about what happened back on display. To do this, I needed to be informed in advance. Technically, your abandoned thread should have been closed immediately because of this.

Since it did proceed, you should have stuck with it. By abandoning it for nearly 3 years, that's a second disqualification for making a new thread. Issues labeled as abandoned are never eligible for new threads to restart the complaint. The only exception was a far shorter abandonment where the person was incapacitated for the entire time of the abandonment. I had hoped you would have an amazing tale of being in a coma or being forced to serve as a deckhand on a pirate ship. Instead, you disappeared with no explanation for nearly 3 years.

Without the rules on resolved and abandonment, people could just keep making thread after thread on issues that are declared resolved or that have been abandoned.

The rules are designed for fairness to all parties. Without regard to the honesty of the company, you can't tell a court you've been paid your profits and then come back and claim you didn't really get all the profits. If the FPA were an actual court, you would now be facing perjury charges for that false claim. Even without your two previous filings, the newest version of the complaint would also be dismissed because the statute of limitations has passed.

I will now disable your old account and merge your old review into the new one.

I suggest you try to reactivate your FBI, police, and regulator complaints. You may also try to assist others having issues with this broker or any other broker.

Since this thread should not have been created, it will be moved to join the other two.