Do you believe in using a Trading Plan?

The trading plan must include an estimated level of the income and acceptable loss. I open 2-3 orders per day.
I think it's irresponsible to trade without a plan, it just becomes gambling. It's the quickest way to blow your account. A trading plan help to keep your discipline and allows you to analyse what works and what doesn't.
Yes I do believe in trading plans this is the strategy I make before placing the trade. We all know the market is very volatile sometimes and you have to make decisions according to that but having a trading plan will reduce your risk and will be beneficial in the long run.
Hello FPAins,

What do you think about Trading Plan, Do you stick with your plan, How it goes everytime?
I try my best to stick with my trading plan and strategy. It gets tough sometimes. I make mistakes as well, but I do not trade on chart that does not match with my trading strategy.
"I have trading plan for the month:
- what news to trade
- what's the previous stats
- the rules for ea and myself"