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Does anyone have any experience with Xenia


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Been trading with forexbrokerinc for some years. Apparently they are under some restructuring. I notice Xenia is not on the site but I have some old contacts trading and even working there. However their opinions are biased. I'm looking for anyone who may have any trading experiences with them good or bad.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your replies. I know they are relatively new. Perhaps why I am not going to find anyone trading with them outside of my own circle. I don't like being a guinea pig but hell I may as well try them out and do some service to da community. A little more research and I'll report what I can once I am in with them.

Thanks again. :)
Thanks whoever moved the thread, sorry no offense intended. I get lost in all the forum topics.
Claims to be licensed in the Cayman Islands. That's not encouraging.

796 other sites hosted on the same server. Not what I'd expect from a serious broker.

No live chat. :(

Same owners as xeniaforex.com and xeniaforex.ky
Cool thanks for the feedback. Trying to find a new broker that gives me all positive vibes is becoming a hair pulling experience.
The broker said the same thing, but I didn't really researtch him, their conditions seem good, but what pharaoh wrote is disturbing and doesn't make me believe this broker.
Cool thanks for the feedback. Trying to find a new broker that gives me all positive vibes is becoming a hair pulling experience.
never heard of these guys - id stick to more regulated jurisdictions personally only newish vibe one's ive heard of that seem different are darwinex.com and eqlx.io Darwinex seems built to educate you and eqlx seems like a new profit share / cashback model. Still learning on both.