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Drive Gold is a Trend Based Expert Advisor, this expert advisor trades in Gold (XAUUSD). It runs at MT4 (old and new build) and follows short term trends and buys or sells, with the risk level acceptable to user's. The beauty of Drive Gold is that it can make you completely independent, by allowing you to make a steady income without relying on anyone.


The Drive Gold Blows All Competitors Out of the Water! Why?

  • Results: The Drive Gold gets you the results you want without requiring extra effort on your part, see MONTHLY RESULTS in REAL MONEY Account from December 2012, 34 CONSECUTIVE PROFITABLE MONTHS
  • ROI: Wanting the best returns on your investment? You'll find it here, with the Drive Gold! Split-second decision making helps you capitalize on positive trends like never before.
  • Automated: Rather than having to constantly monitor and adjust your approach, streamline your strategy for independent income!
  • Low Investment: Can start Real Money Account with Cent Accounts (at XM, Profi Forex, AGEA etc.) even with only $100 or more.
The Drive Gold developed by forex trading specialists who want to help you achieve your highest profit potential! This advanced software giving you an unparalleled edge in making easy money. The best part? It's all done automatically, freeing you from endless research and painstaking analysis.
Finally, a Gold Trading Platform that lives up to its promises!
The Results Speak for Themselves!

Here's real, no-fluff feedback on the incredible results users have experienced when employing our Drive Gold...

Why Drive Gold?
This is what we mean:

Results from Real Money Account Running at FPA Made 90% Return, 41 Months Old Forward Test Account
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2nd Real Money Account
Made 60% Return, 12 Months Old Real Money Account at UK Broker

This account was closed in June 2014.

3rd Real Money Account Made 45% Return, 2.5 years Old Real Money Account

Drive Gold Silver?
Drive Gold Silver is running both Drive Gold and Silver on sameaccount.
Our Account is running over 2 years with Low Drawdown.

See Drive Gold Silver Robot at FPA from over 2 Years, gained 38%

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See What FPA Reviewers Say

Scott, Massachusetts, USA

Hello All,

Since the beginning of the release of the "Drive" series I have been using the EAs from Drive Expert Advisors Group.

I started with the Yen Drive, next moved to Complete Drive, and have since included Gold Drive with the full Portfolio EA set.

Over what now I think is a couple of years, I have been communicating with this group and they have always been very helpful. These guys are the real deal, and are making real products they use themselves and as an avenue for "Fund" management (see Drive Hedge Fund) and for personal folk to utilize to make real gains in the forex market.

Their products are trend following strategies, and there is an element of time for their systems mature in any account as their systems let a trend develop, but if you are interested in a real system, that you can safely put your hard earned money in, and pretty much just leave in there for a period of time, following the careful guidelines for lot sizes and currency pairs, you will not be disappointed.

We all know how gold movement makes large swing, either retracing or going to the races up or down......this Gold Drive version of their EA absolutely loves it, and my account just about daily has a series of winning trades.

Some of you may not be sure because of the open trade series it can start with, but this is as designed and successfully implemented. Look at the chart and see the steady growth. Any DD will be quickly swallowed by the steady gains it employs. Their longest running account, which are all real $, is bringing in ~10% a month. It has minor periods of Open Trade DD as the basket and trend develops, and then closes the trades together for profit. It does not guess where the market is going... it lets the market do what it wants to, and captures the gains as a trend forms.

If you are looking for a system that will make you money, not for just a week or month, but for the long term, you need to check Drive Gold out.

Gold is only going to get more volatile, and this EA is poised to make a killing even more than it is. You do need to let the trades mature, and is not always a quick in and out, but if you set it up according to the instructions, and by all means contact this group if you have Qs as I have when setting things up, since they are more than happy to help, you truly will have the chance to retire early. Most people are happy with 10% a year.... how about 10% a month.... remember... set it up, and then leave it alone (restarting VPS/MT4/Desktop once a week on a weekend of course), and you will be a happy camper.

If you are not sure which brokers to use or are suitable, contact them and they will give you guidance. I was unsure about some since the margin for Gold on some brokers was much too high. They game me recommendations and guidelines for an appropriate broker, and it has all work perfectly.

I also have the system working with other EAs on the same account and it all works perfectly nice with anything else I have on the account, so if you want to diversify your account to include gold, this would be a perfect addition. Now don't be greedy, and follow the lot size recommendations, and you will be very pleased with the outcome.


fx007, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I came across DriveGold EA few weeks ago at FPA and started to use it. I like to trade with Gold because it is very volatile and if one can catch the correct trend can earn a lot. I like this EA because it is trend based EA (Imo) it seems to have good strategy to catch up the correct trend. Another thing that impressed me is its mm. It is thousands time better than some martingale grid EA. It uses fixed lot. The result is also very consistent with vendor. I am making profit almost every week from the beginning and so far 11% up, so I want to give this EA 10 out of 10.
Raffaele, Mestre, Italy

Hi everybody
I bought the first license in December.
I am really glad that I bought another one for my second account.
I am very happy with this EA
now i would like to try "yen Drive" and "Usd Drvie"
Excellent support by mail.
H Raj, , Pakistan

I am using Drive Gold alongwith other EAs and some manual Trades in my Fin Fx account, I think this is the only Gold EA who survive in this market condition. My account is approx $13k, where I allocate $3k on Drive Gold, running 0.01 lot, it contributed so far $612 from September 2013. I am happy with the performance.
David Sexton, Saint Anne Square, Ireland

I bought Drive gold from FPA promotion, tested couple of weeks on Hot forex demo and now live from the last 3 weeks, running great, had one drawdown period where maximum dd was 7% and now so far gained £183 on a £2,000 account so roughly around 9%, so far so good, I could not find any better EA than this in Gold Trading. It played nice in Trending market. I would recommend this.
DB, Piketon,Ohio, USA

Hi guys,
Last month I invested some money in Drivegold. I have got 4.40% gain till now, Not so bad .So far so good. Drive team is very helpful. Want to make long time relation with them, Started with investing small amount of money but with time I will increase the investment. Best wishes for this EA.
David Browne, Docklands, United Kingdom

Run live at XM and Think Forex. XM spread is 40-45 pips and sometime EA do not fill complete grid but it is running better than think forex where spread is 20 pips and good execution. It runs well in high volatility and in period of market sideways it wait and close basket at breakout. I run 2,500 with 0.01 lot, its generating above 3% monthly return on both accounts. Happy with the performance. I might try next year other drives.
Carmine, , Italy

Drive Gold is the best EA i am running and delivered profits every month. I am using right now 5 licenses on 5 different brokers and very happy with it. I will buy another license to run on AGE and next month another one to run on Thinkforex. I will also try from the same developer Yen Drive. The support is great. Strongly recommended to everyone.

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The most impressive part of it is that the Drive Gold gives you the best results in comparison with its competitors in the market, if any. 99% chances are that you would able to get back as much money in return.
The results of the Drive Gold are incredible. Whoever has used it never came back with complaint. We just had one complaint... "Where was this Robot all these year? It is unfair now."

This offer ends at 5 PM, New York Time, on Monday, June 20th, 2016.



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This offer comes with a 30 day refund guarantee.

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