DSLiveTradingRoom.com (DreamSphere Live Trading Room)


I have just spent a week in the trading room.
This is not a scam. I paid $27 for a trial but it was joined onto a subscription of $97 per fortnight. Before the week was up I cancelled the subscription via Email as quoted by Dreamsphere. I was booked $97 nevertheless but it will be refunded by PayPal - click bank notification. Dreamsphere also wrote no apology but did say they assisted with the refund.

The tradingroom.
Make sure you look at the videos of Donald calling the shots in the tradingroom, because that is exactly what you get. But be wary of the video selling you education because 95% of the time in the room deadly silence! This is a matter of just wait till Donald sees a trade to make an announcement.
"Entry price long short at market". Some trades you have to pry out of him in chat what the SL and TP's are.

I spent the AM hours from 7pm Australian time to 3am in the morning which is London opening to US opening.

Trial Day 1.
1 Trade still open in now I will be looking to BE it soon.
Trial Day 2.
No access to room possible.
Trial Day 3.
1 Trade, closed it the next night in profit.
Trail Day 4.
Checked in to find 2 trades where opened. I managed to get in on 1 which after a couple of hours after ended in closing at brake even the one I didn't catch also I think.
Trail Day 5.
1. Trade closed at a loss.
It was nice to hear Donald speak after 2 days of silence and explain what he was seeing that day.

All in all I think the price is reasonable when comparing with other mentors but still think it is too expensive for most. But it is the real deal.

So if your looking for a signal service where you can sit and monitor your computer at all the opening times then I think there is money to be made. If you do it for education not really.

I would think a better service would be to send via alerts SMS would be more valuable than having to sit in front of your computer the whole day.


"marketing for living" is easier than "trading for living"

THE BEST and the simplest WAY TO PROMOTE A FOREX SYSTEM IS JUST SIMPLE BY PUBLISHING THE REAL TRADING RESULT TO MT4I.COM OR MYFXBOOK.COM ........... but most forex marketers do not dare to publish their real trading performance. instead of it, they write a lot of marketing gimmick. They are just shovel sellers who do marketing for living .


You summed it all up! I am amazed and the shear number of BS robots, trade signals etc etc that are for sale out there! What a scam! There is NEVER any such thing as easy money, as soon as you hear that, it is almost assuredly a scam or some hyped up marketing scheme. How do these guys sleep at night. with respect to Dreamsphere, they apparently have a trade copier now where they claim to make 700 pips a month and claim to have a Facebook page with over 10,000 followers. I found a page with 11 followers and even posted about it asking why they were claiming 10,000 followers. The response was that they have more than one page... I have yet to find the other page.