DTS - Tue, Jan 22 2013 - Canada Core Retail Sales 8:30am

Peter O

Special Consultant to the FPA
Hello Fellow Traders,

Here are Diamonds Trading Signal after-spike trade plan parameters for this release:

Canada Core Retail Sales > 8:30am NY time

Traded currency pair:USDCAD
Initial spike duration limit:1 minute
Initial spike price action threshold:10 pips
Triggering retracement percentage:50 %
Retracement duration limit:12 minutes
Release effective duration:40 minutes

Trade plan for Diamonds Trading Signal:

  1. Open 1-minute or more detailed USDCAD chart and draw a horizontal trend line at the prerelease price level - where the price is right before the announcement.

  2. Identify the 1 minute spike. If price moves dominantly in one direction and price change is more than 10 pips then it's a significant spike and go on with trade plan otherwise don't trade this release.

  3. Wait for the 50% retracement for 12 minutes. If price doesn't hit 50% retracement during that time then don't trade this release. Otherwise enter the market in the direction of the spike, and set the stop loss below the prerelease level by 3 pips for a buy trade and by 3 pips above for a sell. Take profit will be at the same distance in pips from open price as the stop loss (our risk reward ratio is 1).

  4. At 9:10am NY time - that is 40 minutes after the release time - check whether stop loss or take profit has triggered. If neither and trade is in positive then either close it or move stop loss to break even. If it's in negative then close the position.

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@Peter O: on number 3 in the Trade Plan do we wait on 50% retracement from the high price of the 1st 1 minute candle or the high price of minutes 1 through 12, whatever that may be?
Hi LEXngton, 50% retracement of the whole 12minute wave maximum regardless of the size. If 200 pips is the reaction then wait for 100 pips retracmenet.
Dear Peter,

Thank You for your explaination. When you say Wait for the 50% retracement for 12 minutes, what does it mean !
we should check it on Fibi retracement ?

Thanks alot

Horizontal Trend

Dear Peter,

Can you joint a chart showing how we draw a horizontal trend.

Thank You again