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We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that...

A reviewer, Kev from New York, submitted reviews that contained allegations that EA-Boss and TheForexMagicMachine were illegal copies of other software. One of the FPA's Review Moderators brought these reviews to the attention of FPA's AsstModerator. He contacted the sources cited in the review as well as one of companies that had been victimized.

After checking all the sources, including some information from the source code, we find that we have no reason to doubt Kev's accusations. In our opinion, EA Boss is just an illegal and overpriced copy of FapTurbo. In our opinion, The Forex Magic Machine is selling 2 versions of a free EA available from Trading System Forex's forums. As we understand copyright law, just because something is given away for free doesn't give another person or company the right to rename, repackage, and resell it. We also consider hiding the true origin of software like this to be ethically questionable. Further, the Forex Magic Machine's website promises unlimited lifetime upgrades, but they sent an email out to all those who bought it trying to sell them an upgrade only a couple of days after purchase.

We conclude that both EA-Boss and TheForexMagicMachine seem to have engaged in software piracy for profit as well as false advertising. Both of these are severe breaches of both the law and of ethics.

TheForexMagicMachine and EA-Boss are both hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We urge traders to not buy these EAs. We encourage anyone who has already bought these EAs to immediately seek a refund from ClickBank for The Forex Magic Machine and from Plimus for EA Boss. We further urge the true owners of the copyrights of these pieces of software to use all legal means to shut down these pirates.

We offer EA-Boss and TheForexMagicMachine two options to have this scam finding lifted. The first is to prove that they did not illegally sell pirated copies of this software. The second is to admit what they have done, pay the appropriate civil and criminal penalties, and then to seek proper licenses to legally sell copies in an ethical fashion.

We wish to thank Kev, the FPA's Review Moderators, FPA's AsstModerator, Donna Forex, FapTurbo's Abuse Team, TradingSystemForex, 4xProject, and BestForexEA for their contributions to this case.

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