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EA - Pips in the Bank - stay away

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Boris M, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Boris M

    Boris M Recruit

    Aug 21, 2010
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    Pips in the Bank.

    In the beginning of June I’ve purchased an EA Pips in the Bank that is being promoted by somebody by the name L.C. which claims that he is professional trader managing, if I remember correctly, around 50 million dollars. The offer was to deliver an EA that avail a trader to follow up and learn the successful ways that L.C. uses to make money along with the FREE trading course that explains L.C.’s method of trading. All these for $349.00. When I paid money I have received a file with the program that suppose to copy actual trades from L.C.’s trading computer to mine. The course should of come by regular mail.
    First problem I’ve got – I could not install the file. I had to make numerous contacts with L.C. “customer service” to install the thing. Finally L.C. himself installed it to my computer. The problem was that it did not work. It did not make transactions on my account. I could not get more help from L.C and wound up with the “lemon” costing $349.00. L.C. has 60 days unconditional money back guarantee. At the same time I received an email from L.C. that promoted his EA without his trading course for $149.00. When I asked why they charged me $200.00 more, they told me that it is to pay for trading course. Remember, it was offered FREE as an enticement to purchase an EA. When I asked them to return $200 they refused. Let me summarize: EA does not work and is sold for $200.00 less, the course is not received. (Also I believe that the thing L.C. is offering is not an EA because it cannot work on my computer independently. It is more accurately may be described as the trading signals service.)
    Anyway, 21 days after purchasing an EA I’ve requested a refund. I received an email promising to process a refund around 22nd of July, which is about one month after my request, and email me a confirmation when they process it. Today August 21st, 2010 another month later I received neither confirmation nor refund.
    I think that traders should know about the person that does not keep his promises, that will take you time and your money.
    Boris M

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