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Problem Eagle FX Copy cat - eaglefxporfolio.com

I am having an issue with a company
Go directly to EagleFx.com. Get on live chat. Ask them. If live chat is offline, leave a message and also send them an email.

Post the response you get here. It's possible the site is an illegal clone. It's also possible that it's something that belongs to EagleFx or one of their affiliates. The only way to be sure us by asking EagleFx.com directly.
I did they said theyndont have any affiliation with this website and theybare looking in to it to see what are they doing and why are they using the same logo and name.


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I am already trading there and i will post my results as well, im sure is a scam and i already lost my money there, but hopefully someone here can investigate further.
They're not affiliated with EagleFX of that I'm sure .
As Pharaoh has said contact their customer support, its 24/7 and ask them to clarify their position.
This should be the case anytime you see a service claiming its linked to EagleFX that's not on its main/official website.
On the EagleFX website they say nothing about copy trading, account management or other. This thing is a scam all day long. Honestly these copycat fraudsters pop up daily it seems.
I would not sign up there, sounds like a scam to me. If you're wanting to trade with EagleFX just go through their actual website to be safe.
Wow!! I got a new email!! Asking me to upgrade so i can withdrawl my funds


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I will be posting here what method they are using, like i said before i already created and account there and fund it, so im am sure i don't have the money anymore.

First Contact was on Instagram.

I read an article who to follow about cryptocurrency and i did, i started following some "Traders"

Second Contact: I started getting messages from different people

here is the people i got text from on Instagram

NFT.coach 19k Followers
Scarlett.bitcoin.trades 15.5k Followers
Bitcoin_trader_.jennifer2 10k Followers
Lilys_Paychecks 46k Followers ( this is the one im in contact with for now
Lili_Kendrick (new Account from Lilys_paychecks) she said her account got hacked .mm
bitcoin_trader_vanessa ( Vanessa Wilson) 16.4 k Followers
_forex_linda ( Linda Martin) 6.7k Followers
scott_mark_crypto 12.7k Followers

all of them have the same method, they have the followers they have pictures of theirs families and trading images as well, at first they all seem like real people, after i did trust one (Lili_kendrick) and deposit 5k into the trade.eaglefxporfolio.com, she even send me a trading pdf book and waited about a month for me to be ready to begin. her number on whatsapp is +61480023171 Lily.

i will attach some files for anyone to see how they make people to invest more.

After i made a profit of almost

Jose a Reyes​

Deposit: $5,021.00​

Profit: $16,043.67​

Withdrawable: $0.00 ( she said i have to wait for the trading days to be over so i can witdraw???​

Just about 1hr ago (11:15 Mountain Time, Fid Jan 28th 2022) she ask me to buy a bot package so i can make more money they range from 2k to 10k, same process you have to pay with your bitcoin wallet to same address.

39rMP6QdzrxkLv9YVMMuqASomzbLbJvPHX ( to this wallet)

I told her i will not do it, until i see i get some money withdraw from my suppose profit , for now she agreed ( mm lets see how it goes from here)

So its costing me 5k to learn all this, i am still learning about how many people and fake websites are there.

I will continue this journey, and one last message i got just a minute ago, she ask to keep the conversations on instagram now, not on the whatsApp, anyone can learn not to do this, like i did, i am on my Journey to learn how to trade, because i do want to do it, I still have to tell my wife that we lost 5k (wish me luck)