Early Investing Advice


You should have to start with a very low investments at the initial stage. You should have to make a little pip because at initial stage you can't be able to bear a huge loss. You should have to savee some money as a backup if somehow loss will be occurs than you would be able to recover this loss with the help of that money.


It is really an important question as most of the people do not know how to invest on the money markets. You need to invest in the currencies which stay at certain limits for a long time and there would not much fluctuation in its price relative to other. EUR/USD is a great example in this regard!


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However forex trading is a risky business, for beginner, if they still lack in experience will better if they spent time on learning first, don`t investing real money if still can`t finding profitable system trading and strategy, although different emotion pressure during trades on demo account with real account, but for practice to implemented system trading, demo account really very useful


Good choice to start trading and be prepared for independent life. If you have enough time of course for this as trading requires self-learning and training. It’s free, but be prepared to invest your time. Also please do not invest a lot upfront, even if you feel super confident. Take it easy.


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If you have any extra money, I advise you to start learning now and master trading. The main thing is not to rush to invest your savings, first trade on a demo account and learn the basics of trading. Once you have mastered trading, open a real account for a small amount, and slowly gain experience. Over time, if you learn well, you will be able to make good money in trading, it is up to you and your efforts.


In case you have a such sum of money you'd better look at various investment learning content. Yeah, you're too young that's why you have firstly take care of yourself and then think of how to make profits from your money. If I were you I would probably start learning investing and opened an investment account. Trading is well too, but it takes lots of time to reach the success in it, I don't think you will keep up with you learning at school and learning trading. However, you are able to try it, you choose by yourself and nobody can influence your choice. Remember that trading doesn't ensure a permanent income.


The golden rule investing money in forex is only spent money that affords to lose because forex included high-risk business, any trader may losing money in the forex market, today profit is not guaranteed will be repeated for next day trading.


Hello all, I am a current university student in quite a good financial situation. My parents are paying for my degree and letting me live with them while I go to school. This means I have no expenses and am essentially living for free. In my mind this makes these next few years the perfect opportunity for investment as I do work during the summer and make approximately $15,000 each year. As of right now all my savings are safe in the bank... doing nothing.

I was hoping to get advice on where I should invest and how I should invest my money so it can grow.

Of course I want to save for down payments on a car or house, but it just seems silly to me to have this money doing nothing when I don't touch it.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice,

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