Easy Forex Scam


A website was recently published that uncovers scams that took place in Easy-Forex in the years 2005-2007 which robbed the money of many of their clients through false forex trades.
The URL: Easy-Forex

The information presented in this website is based on a book that is backed-up by dozens of taped discussions that were transcribed after being tapped during the years 2005-2007 with Easy-Forex personal and customers.

You all must see this website. If you are new to Forex go through all the steps in the website: It starts by explaining how Forex companies makes money and why some of them have conflict of interest with their customers. It then explains how easy-forex rewards their agents- this is something crazy.
Next it brings transcripts of 3 discussions: the first is with a former easy-forex agent; the second of an easy-forex agent talking to a customer, and the third is a victim of this agent.

As stated in the website, it is not clear that the "net deposit" rewarding method is illegal, but knowing about it, and knowing the simple fact that easy-forex stands on the other side of the deal, and therefore wants you to lose, is something people should know about

People should also know that such rewarding method means that easy-forex is not only hoping or praying you lose, they actually doing something about it. This is good enough reason not to deal with these people.

The book needs to be translated into English first. The Hebrew version will be published after the court in Israel will ask us to reveal our evidence. Of course we showed part of the evidence in the wabesite. For example, The proof of crime # 1 is a proof of a criminal action by easy-forex, Yet we thought its time that people will know who is behind easy-forex: Enough people were victimized by this company.
Do you have a court hearing scheduled yet? Get any good offers from publishers?
The court hearing is scheduled for Feb 2009, so I assume the book can be published next year. I have not looked for a publisher for the English version yet. Any ideas?
One or two. I've edited a couple of books and have figured out a few to avoid. A lot of it depends on how much of the marketing you want to do.
Looking Back...

So that was a few years ago. I clicked the link for the person with the grievance against Easy-Forex and guess what, the site had been taken down. Since then, no further conversation on this site... So what happened? Of course, I presume Easy-Forex won that particular battle. Did they win the war? Did the 'expose' book get written...?
There are some interesting comments from well-known traders that it is common for Brokers to trade against their own registrants... Life sucks...Business is cut throat... What else is new?
These days Easy-Forex offer free trading training to newbies. Any comments on this?

My friend, Cypriot Company name Easy Forex Trading Ltd (HE 203997) and EF Worldwide Ltd registered at Marshal Islands reg NO 53100 has stole his money by fraudulently using false pretenses dispatched from my friend the total amount of more than US$1 M. Leaving him completely and totally bankrupt to sue them.

Here is link for same case of him:


I contacted an Israeli lawyer for going to pursue this matter legally as I have been advised by a lawyer specialising in this industry that the case is solid and I will be claiming damages, loss of income for the time of this incident at the average income rate on my 5 year portfolio which is average 5% daily as well as all legal fees. Lawyer is NOT gonna help him without an upfront fee.

Maybe you can help?