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Problem Easymarkets is scam, refuse to pay profits

I am having an issue with a company
Unfair clauses


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Thanks for confirming your TnC. How those clauses becoming a reason stop clients to withdraw profits? I was introduced by my flat mate to Easymarkets. (later I know my friend earn a few hundred dollars from their referral program) Suddenly, we cannot communicate with each other in order to withdraw? We did use a same vps (running EAs) to logon our accounts which can be a good reason not allow me to withdraw?

Basically, Easymarkets' clients cannot communicate on any forum like FPA, as you would not get your profits back if they catch you.

There are unfair clauses in their clients agreement. Yes, it is our responsibility to read, but most people don't. It becomes a machine gun for Easymarkets hurting their clients. In addition, Easymarkets' rep were still misleading FPA's user. What he stated above was not the full picture. I attached their full terms in "Unauthorized activities" below. I received some feedback from other users. Their winning trades got cancelled for the reason of "abuse or our guaranteed stop loss feature", or "trading pattens". Guys, think about it, How a honest fx broker make these unfair clauses? They would not do this if they only make profits from your spreads.

They use these detail unfair clauses to fight with clients with AFCA(Australian authority) . AFCA is on their side, can you believe that? FX brokers pay millions of dollars to AFCA, I doubt AFCA is helping investors.

feel disappointed about Australian regulator.

Are you saying that you already had a case with AFCA? What stage of the process are you in? Can you upload or link to the case file recommendation pdf? Or post whatever response AFCA has already written?

Also, can you use this tutorial to invite the company to this thread: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...how-to-invite-a-company-to-your-thread.58438/

follow all the steps please.

side comment: we usually recommend FPA action first before approaching regulator. To make sure all of the timeline of events are in order.
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