Eclipse Scam - Need suggestions please


Hi all,

Please any contributions will be helpful.
I have been trading with eclipse for sometime now but never been able to withdraw. They keep giving new turnovers to meet when I request a withdrawal.
Recently I noticed that when I place a trade, if it expires in profits, they leave the trade open until it turns into a loss.
At first I thought this was just my imagination until it continued.
Now I have prove, I traded with thier TBS signals, the trades ended in profits for TBS but mine continued after expiry, it then displayed an error message in place of the profits and then the next day the trades were deleted from my account together with the money.
I took screenshots of all of this, I have reported to my bank so I can get a chargeback of all the deposits I made to eclipse.
They have asked me to send an email about the problem and also back it up with thier terms and conditions that has been breached cuz I think the bank does not really understand this. But I can't find any info in thier terms and conditions to back me up.
Please I need help on how to word the email so it will end up in my favour please.
Cut your trading back to bare minimum. What few trades you make should be solely to take videos of this manipulation behavior.

How and when did you deposit?
I Deposited with a debit card on the 14th of April. I have stopped trading for now, I have made a request to them to close my account and refund my deposits. Because I have gotten my evidence and it is clear manipulation.
They even responded recently to say it was a problem from their internal server and I should claim the money I used to trade via cash bonus? Who does that? What about the profits from those trades?
Any way I have requested for them to close my account and give me my money back. I am still waiting for thier response.