IB for ECNTradeFX


I'm considering opening a live account with ECNTradeFX and would like to go through an Introducing Broker. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, I'd be interested in knowing if ECNTradeFX is affiliated with FXCM?


I am EcntradeFx IB,,I can help you if you want to have information about this company.
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in according too trade conditions and my experiens in both of fxcm and ecnradefx,I don't think there is any relation with these two firms.


Hello, guys! I'm considering opening a MINI live account with this broker. Everything looks positive for now. I kindly ask anyone who has got experience dealing with this broker to tell about their experience. According to the info on the UK company house website, the company was incorporated 16/06/2009 in the U.K. as a private limited company.


I did open an account with them around 10 days. Today, November 30, 2009, I wanted to get some live help, but website were gone. I sent several e-mails to different department, but all were returned with failed delivery. I am not sure if they went out of business, the platform is working, or only problem with web site. Can you help Felix. My money is stuck there.


Any idea about this broker. Neither online support is never available nor they reply to mails. On the website they have mentioned that withdrawals are processed with in 24 hrs and its over a week and am still waiting