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ECOS Cloud Mining is happy to greet you on our thread!
We are a young innovative IT company based in Armenia, in Free Economic Zone.
ECOS is an innovation ecosystem that includes data centers, an industrial mining center, a venture fund, an R&D laboratory for designing innovations, an educational platform, acceleration programs, and an information and education forum for the Armenian Blockchain Forum.

In 2018 an agreement was signed between the Government of Armenia and ECOS, where ECOS was appointed an organizer of the Free Economic Zone. The Free Economic Zone unique infrastructure allows us to receive low electricity rates, which is a very good benefit for our clients.

Contracts with service fee imply payment for electricity, equipment monitoring and maintenance, software, internet access and so on.
The fee depends on the contract you select – the more hashrate you get the more fee you pay. The amount of service fee is available in your account dashboard.
Contracts without service fee already include all the costs, calculated with a discount.

There is a number of cloud service providers in the market, but our main advantages are:
  • Extra revenue due to AI based software
  • Bank cards payment methods available
  • Withdrawal from 0.001 BTC
  • Daily payouts available
  • Reinvestment option
  • User-friendly account dashboard
Our company is an organizer of a global project – Free Economic Zone of Armenia, created by order of Government of Armenia. Cloud mining service is just a part of the Free Economic Zone infrastructure. You can find more details of the project on the web site

If you are obsessed with crypto currencies and would like to try mining, but prefer to have no noise, heat and fire danger at home, then welcome to Ecos Cloud Mining! Our service is much cheaper and safer for you.

We will be happy to get your feedback! Please help us improve our service to make cryptocurrencies more available to everyone involved.

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Would you like to get 1397 USD profit?

ECOS has launched a new line of contracts with increased profitability!

--Available only in December!!--

You can calculate with us:
You pay 189 USD for 3 TH and get approximately 0,04271211 BTC

☑️With BTC rate = 7500 USD the revenue is expected to be 320 USD
Service fee = 131 USD
PROFIT expected to be 189 USD!

☑️With BTC rate = 9000 USD the revenue is expected to be 384 USD
Service fee = 131 USD
PROFIT expected to be 253 USD

☑️With BTC rate = 12000 USD the revenue is expected to be 512 USD
Service fee = 131 USD
PROFIT expected to be 381 USD

The more TH contract you have the more profit you may expect

If you get 699 USD for 11 TH and get approximately 0,15661107 BTC

☑️With BTC rate = 12000 USD the revenue is expected to be 1879 USD
Service fee = 481 USD
PROFIT expected to be 1397 USD!!!

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Have you seen Bitcoin dropped down? Do you know how to benefit from it?

We see really good opportunities here and are ready to share with you on ECOS free on-line webinar! Join us on December 26, 1 pm GMT and find out how to get profit from the current situation. Register HERE The first 100 registered users will get a bonus from us.

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What will halving bring for the crypto investors?

Expert opinion

Currently many experts and gurus in crypto business are discussing what halving can bring and how destructive it can be for the crypro community.

We believe that halving may bring much more benefits than it may seem to be at the first glance.

So what is halving? In simple words it is the cut of the mining reward in half, which happens every 210000 blocks.

If we trace the history back we will see that the reward first went from 50 BTC to 25 BTC, than to 12.5 BTC where it is still today.

So in May 2020 it is expected to be cut to 6.25 BTC. This will lead to the fact that the operations of Bitcoin will be more efficient, the payment for operations will be cheaper and it will lead to increase of demand and mass adoption of Bitcoin worldwide.

What will be the main consequences?

Many miners will turn off their obsolete mining equipment as it will no longer be profitable for them to mine.

Obsolete equipment – the one that mines less than required to cover its electricity consumption. So Bitmain Antminer S9 will fall under this condition; according to the statistics about 80% of the mining equipment currently operating in the crypto market is Bitmain Antminer S9.

As soon as 80% of the mining equipment will be switched off and we believe it will take about 2-3 weeks after halving, the mining difficulty will also fall significantly, which will lead to the growth of mining profitability for any new models of mining equipment (30+TH with a better energy consumption).

So the profitability of the new mining equipment will rise and it will lead to the significant increase of its price.

So today seems to be the best time for investment into a NEW and POWERFUL mining equipment such as a Bitmain Antminer T17 with 38-40 TH and stronger which will easily mine enough not only to cover its expenses and to do a good profit

Moreover the profitability will lead the price of devices UP, so to those who succeeded to buy those miners at the good price will be able to enjoy the price increase in case of resale
See the graphs of ROI expected with different BTC exchange rates.

x of initial investment - cost of equipment. The higher it is the longer it takes to get your ROI.

Current cost of T17 is around 1350 USD. In the future it may cost 3000 USD and more, as it happened with S9 at the time of mining hype of 2017.

The previous two halvings shown the growth of Bitcoin price right after it. So the same is expected in 2020.

Moreover we expect a decrease of difficulty for around 60% after S9 miners will be switched off.

Which will balance the profit during mining even without BTC price increase.Let’s have a look at several forecasts – with BTC increase and without it.

The current difficulty is 1,28768E+13 (at the time of article writing). Difficulty after halving is expected to be around 5,15074E+12 (60% less). Thus the mining earning is expected to be around 0,00002441 btc per 1 TH/24h. Thus with different BTC exchange rates we could expect the following pictures:

Foreseeing this in the nearest future ECOS has launched a new service: you can easily and quickly purchase a device (Antminer T17, Antminer S17) on-line (right from ECOS warehouse: no need to wait for shipping and customs clearance), pay for it and the next day the device will be co-located on ECOS hosting and will start bringing Bitcoins right to your personal account. Only till the end of January the special offer – 1299 USD with one month of hosting for free!!

ECOS datacenter is situated in Armenia, in the Free Economic Zone, which was established by the Armenian Government and is thus absolutely reliable, legal and secure.

You can read more details about the service HERE

We find the mining BTC investment today is the most promising nowadays. The results are guaranteed by technology and not by any other parties.

The main point here is to select the right moment to enter the market at the lowest indicators possible.

So are you ready to do it today …?)

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You saw our recent podcast about Bitcoin drop down, read the press release about the consequences of halving and decided to purchase a miner (while it has most beneficial price)?
Then you probably wondered about the delivery, installation, payment for electricity and co-location on white hosting? We have the best product for you - a miner with hosting (New Year's bonus - you get a month of hosting for free!).

We fully provide:
- delivery (+ customs clearance + duties)
- installation of a miner in our secure data center in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia
- legal electricity at the best price
- 24/7 support from our team of experts
- possibility to constantly monitor the work of your miner through your personal account (you will get access to it within 24 hours)
- receiving Bitcoins the next day after the purchase.

Reliability of our service and equipment is guaranteed by ECOS, by support from the Free Economic Zone, established by the Government of Armenia and hundreds of loyal customers returning for new equipment models and staying in touch with us.

Still in doubt? The best time to try Antminer T17 with co-location on hosting is now: only until December 31 you will receive a $ 100 discount and a month of hosting for free!

Happy New Year and happy mining!
Best regards,

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Guys, the webinar will start really soon ⏱ – JOIN me today at 1 pm GMT to find out what research ECOS has made and be aware of what is expected in the crypto market in the nearest future!

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Last couple of days left of ECOS great deal - Bitmain's Antminer T17 + Free hosting for a month + 100 USD cashback! A wise investment before the expected events of 2020!

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Happy New Year, our dear friends! ;) We wish you all the best in the new 2020! :)
Please be aware that ECOS office will have a holiday till 09.01.20 so we may process your requests and inquiries with some delay. But we definitely will :)

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