I believe that it is better to buy a minimum contract only for a company’s reliability test, you will not earn a lot on such a contract. The main thing for me, is that the company pays, at the moment I’m really thinking about buying a few more contracts, but i can’t decide which one is better to buy.

ecos_mining Representative

What a great day today ☀

As we were expecting the mining difficulty has started to decrease!

✅It has currently decreased by 14%.

✅The next level is expected to be 16% less! (you can check the information on

✅So now the mining earning has increased by 18%! Which means we all started to earn more BTC!

✅And the process has just started!

❓What is next?

We expect further difficulty decrease and earnings increase. Thus, the more powerful equipment you have now the more BTC you will be able to mine.

After halving the BTC rate is expected to grow as it happened in the past. So be sure to use the moment and invest into powerful equipment now!

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