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Education Program of Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services

Discussion in 'Mess Hall' started by Feral123, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Nov 21, 2011
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    Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services is an organization that provides young people with hope for a better future. They are fully committed in serving others with a focus on purpose and approach. They also have a clear understanding of their vision, mission and values.

    One of their main programs is Education programs. Through this program they strive to educate the children in their care. They believe that a child can fulfill his potential only if he has a focused approach to meet his educational needs. After discussion with the staff members children and their families develop individual plans to address their educational goals. Their staff is available for consultation and educational advocacy for families who are a part of their Child and Family and Foster Care Programs. The Foster parents and Child and Family staff are trained by the educational department of the organization about ways to emphasize education with kids in their care. They are also trained to work with schools to help students to be successful.

    After children reach 18 years of age, they are provided with aftercare assistance that includes guidance and support as they transform into independent beings. The organization also provides young people, who were in their care, with the opportunity to attend college, university or trade/technical school. Career counseling helps the youth to select the best university, college or technical school to reach their goals. They are also given assistance in submitting applications to educational institutions, applying for financial grants and securing housing.

    ali sharaf dallas of Victron Energy was proud to make a donation to the Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services and thus help them in their goal to provide service to children.

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