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Discussion in 'Mess Hall' started by rpaco, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. rpaco

    rpaco Sergeant

    Oct 3, 2007
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    From all the news on our tv here in the UK you guys in Americana seem to be voting today. Lets hope that this time its seen to be a fair election. As far as we could see from over here that Bush bloke was there illegally, he never won.

    Though I have to say that here we have no idea what the difference between a Republican and a democrat is.

    In the UK the original difference between Labour (the workers party) and Conservatives (the rich landowners party) has now disappeared, with some of the policies of New Labour being more right wing than the tories (conservatives) would support.

    Still one thing which is now established whoever is in power, is that we are watched and tracked and our emails and phone calls monitored. We have more CCtv than anywhere in the world. You can be "detained" Not arrested and held for a long time with no rights under the anti terrorism laws.
    The same laws are used by local councils to snoop in our rubbish and issue huge fines if we accidentally put the wrong thing in the wrong bin.

    The new powers enabling all phone calls to be legally recorded and mobiles to be tracked will soon become law. Until now it has just been the CIA or some other nameless USA agency doing it illegally in their many secret monitoring stations in the UK. (yes we do know about it)

    Our passports will be digitised and we may be forced to carry ID cards (like in occupied europe in the war). All will be held in massive Government databases, which does not bode well, since they have repeatedly proven beyond any doubt that they have no idea of data security. We have lost count of the number of discs, laptops usb drives etc lost or stolen from various government and in particular military organisations this year.
    There will always need to be a war now in order to justify the draconian anti terroism laws. I believe your prize was something called the Patriot act. Anyway basically the country is stuffed!

    New laws come from the EU every week, the next to come will ban almost all insecticides and fungicides and will triple the price of fruit and veg next year. We so love the EU! Brown sold us down the river. No police on the streets but your council can fine you £1000 if your refuse bin is put out on the wrong day. No trial no appeal. It used to be safer here than in big bad New York, but you are very likely to get stabbed now if you dare go out in the everning, or simply set upon and kicked to death by illiterate and inumerate Blair yobs. (Products of his famous "Education! Education! Education!" policy which showered teachers in a continuous confetti of new rules every day leaving no time to teach)
    Do I sound bitter? you bet I am.
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  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Florida's still unfixed election laws mean that nobody really won the 2000 election. Each of 67 different counties used different standards to decide which ballots would be invalidated. Applying any one of 10 different criteria in a uniform manner statewide would have changed the result one way or the other.

    The good part is that people will be able to write books and scholarly papers "proving" who won/lost in Florida in 2000 for another hundred years.

    Thankfully, this time the various shenanigans played by both sides weren't enough to cause any serious legal issues and the vote spreads are wide enough to avoid a recount fiasco.

    Interesting to know that the UK is well ahead of the US on safety trumping freedoms. I'd guess we're 1 or 2 serious terrorism incidents away from catching up with you.

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