Elite Earners Club - claims up to 15% weekly

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This is a series of investigation about companies that are following the same investment pattern, such as lack of regulations, offering +10% ROI per week/life, offering 5 to 10% commission upon new referrals and subsequent new deposits or re-deposits and dealing with brokers which the funding methods and withdrawals are made via e-wallets or processors called payeer, perfect money (PM), bitcoin and so on. Also, investors are encouraged to show proof of payment over the social medias, more details will be followed on each individual thread as history unfolds, stay tuned.

Hello everyone, here is the description of Elite Earners Club

Elite Earners Club

Elite Earners Club is a Forex fund, where you can start investing with as low as $100 and earn up-to 15% profit share per week. For now two tiers of investment are being introduced which are as follows.

Tier 1
Minimum Investment: $100
Maximum Investment: $10,000
Weekly profit share: Up-to 10% per week
Funds in this tier will be held and traded in a separate Trading account.

Tier 2:
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Maximum Investment: $100,000
Weekly profit: Up-to 15% per week
Funds in this tier will be held and traded in a separate account.

How to deposit:
Deposits will be opened every Saturday at 00:00 EST and closed at 12:00PM EST Sunday. (36 hours window)
Bitcoin will be the only mode of payment.
You can send your BTC/funds
or Perfect Money
followed by an email in the following format to deposit@eliteearners.club

Total deposit (in USD):
Sponsor: If any
Profit withdrawal mode: Withdrawal or Compounding (Select withdrawal if you want your profits sent to your wallet each week. Select Compounding if you want your profits added to your deposits each week. This can be changed later.)
Receiving Wallet address: (Add your BTC wallet address where you would like to receive your weekly profit share)
Proof of deposit: Hash ID and attach screenshot.

Referral Structure:
Referral commissions will not be fixed and depend on profits made in week following deposits. Commissions on all deposits will be paid on soon after profits for that week have been paid. Example: Your referral made a deposit of $100 today. Your commission will depend on how much profit we make that week and will be paid on following weekend. You do not have to be a paid member to earn referral commissions.

Transparency policy:
We here at Elite Earners Club will strive to be the most transparent program online. Using Bitcoin only will make it easier for investors to confirm the total investments made into the fund by simply typing our wallet address at blockchain info. We will also release weekly trading reports in the beginning, but as soon as our website is ready you will be able to see our Live trading video feed 24/7. I also encourage all the members in this group to ask ANY question and raise any objection that you may have openly without any fear of being labeled negative. You will never be kicked out for asking questions no matter how harsh they may be.

Q: Is it a Ponzi based program?
A: NO. Only real profits generated will be shared with investors.
Q: Is BTC your deposit currency?
A: NO. Deposit currency is USD and BTC is only used to transact money smoothly. Appreciation or depreciation in the value of BTC after you have made the deposit will not effect your deposit in any way. Conversion rate at the time of deposit applies.
Q: What happens if we make more then 10% profits in Tier one or more then 15% profits in Tier 2?
A: Extra profits will be used to pay referral commissions, announce incentives and pay the trader/s for their hard work. We will also add a percentage to our insurance fund which we intend to launch in near future to protect our investors.
Q: If I start with an investment in Tier 1 with 100% compounding or partial compounding and at some point my total investment reaches/crosses $10,000, will my funds be moved to Tier 2?
A: Yes. As soon as your total investment reaches/crosses $10,000 your funds will be moved to Tier 2 and you will be notified by Email.
Q: Is there a lock on investments?
A: Yes. All investments will be locked for 10 weeks after the date of deposit. Meaning deposits can not e withdrawn for first 10 weeks.
Q: Why use only Bitcoin and not other payment processors?
A: Payment processors are expensive to use. If we use other payment processors we will end up paying between 3% to 9% transaction fees. Exchange fees which starts from 5-7% is on top of that. We want your deposits to reach our trading account with 0% deductions, the only way to do that is to use Bitcoin. As there is almost 0% transaction fees and No exchange fee as it BTC is accepted by our broker.
Q: Is profit share guaranteed?
A: No. We'll do our best each week to make targeted profits, but we may not be able to produce targeted profits in weeks where Market acts abnormally.
Q: Are my funds secured:
A: We'll take minimum risks while trading to protect our investors funds, but this opportunity is not completely risk free YET. I said yes as I have planned to form an insurance fund for our members in the coming weeks which will help secure your investments.
Q: Can we expect a website in future?
A: Yes. It is already being programmed and will be online before you know it.
Additional Q&A's will be added to the FAQ above as we receive more frequently asked questions from our investors.

Forex Detective

More info: The trader behind the investment is Tamoor Tariq, the investment is on the 3rd week and it has about 800 members at the moment.

Something caught my attention, Tamoor Tariq was just an investor on FX10 Investments few months ago, as you can see on those screenshots.

Now he created his own group and is also a brilliant trader? Capable of giving +10% or more per week?


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Forex Detective

Those are the last trading report by him.

You can see that he is currently holding 6 trading accounts between LifeForex, Fort Fs (never heard before) and IC Markets, where the investors funds are located, everything is under his name.

He explains the profits for tier 1 and tier 2 were 7,95% and 8.06% respectively. Total deposits by now are $47K.

He plans to created what he calls Insurance Fund, in case the profits surpass the targets, the extra amount will go to this Insurance Fund and it will be used once the targets are not met to be able to give the profits promised.

Among the other two companies, FX10 Investments and Forex 50 Investments, EEC is more transparent when it comes to show the trading results and also has myfxbook accounts:


Both accounts have been created in October and are reaching almost 100% ROI, with 24% and 40% drawndown. It shows he has about 3 years experience on the Forex market.

It doesn't have a long trading history displayed, also the risk has been very high.

EEC will launch a website: eliteearners.club

Let me know your thoughts.


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Forex Detective

Clients stating their weekly payments, it's a method to prove other investors that they received their weekly profits and also a way to convince those ones who are still standing aside.

A beautiful woman with an Indian male name? Hum,, sounds suspicious to me.

And this is the weekly squedule from Tamoor Tariq, the trader behind Elite Earners Club, which lead to my next post.


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Forex Detective

This is a post from Waqas Ansari where he clearly says he had to step down of FX10 Investment because Forex is illegal (illegal as investment fund, but if you trade your own money, it's fine) in India and he could have serious problems, at that time, he was dealing with over +$600K, he was the admin staff responsible for giving the payouts each Friday, now the capital on FX10 Investments is well above $2.3M.

Now he moved to Elite Earners Club, so what changed now? He is doing the same job and both investments are not regulated and the clients don't hold their funds The main difference is that FX10 Investment gives only +10% weekly, while Elite Earners Club give up to +15%, much better, don't you think?

Now the capital raised on Elite Earners Club is over +$200K, so he is again dealing with a large amount, which it will keep raising during the upcoming weeks. So if he was afraid of being caught doing illegal investment during his time on FX10 Investment, why he is not afraid on Elite Earners Club?


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Forex Detective

And the clients started to receive their profits from this week back to their e-wallet accounts.


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Forex Detective

Compound Calculator: Road to become a Billionaire. There is a compound calculator going on, where investors can calculate their future earnings, if you open only $10K account and compound 100%, you'll have about $1M in 33 weeks, but if you're not satisfied enough, you can keep compounding until 83 weeks and you'll reach $1 Billion, is this enough for you?

Also the promise is that the investment is for lifetime. The same promises happens on FX10 Investment and on Forex50 Investments. How about the tax evasion? I doubt members will pay taxes in their home countries of any earnings received.

I'll tell you, to be honest, it looks very tempting, but if you ever traded on the Forex Market at least once, you'll notice that any type of earning is impossible to be predicted, even the best traders or hedge fund managers in the world are not able to do that. Unless someone can prove me the opposite, it's unlikely to such huge weekly gains to maintain in the future.

Let's see how it develops. If anyone has got any extra information about Elite Earners Club, FX10 Investment or Forex50 Investments, post it here and on the respective threads.


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